This was my first full build, I had tinkered around with components and upgrades in the past. I gave myself a modest budget but realised I would not be getting the highest end processor and GPU.

The Case: Thermaltake Level 20 VT

I really like the look of this case and despite concerns around cable management still purchased it. It is a nice show piece case, but my god, no thought seems to have gone into cable management whatsoever. Putting fans in the base for additional intake compounded the problem as the Power supply backs onto these positions. I got around this by doing some cable manangement tucked behind the front panel whilst trying to reduce any futher restriction to airflow from the front. I could have used the versatility of the case to mount the motherboard vertically and used one side for cables but I didn't want to make this compromise. I stole an idea from another VT user and made some acrylic panels to hide some of the more unsightly cables. This became my first Hama bead project too, to decorate them further with my Final Fantaxy XIV theme. I finally made a meteor decal using red vinyl to further decorate the front panel.

The motherboard: MSI MPG Z390M

I was planning to go Micro ATX to suit the case and after some research this motherboard from MSI seemed to have all the capacity and features I was looking for.

Graphics card: NVIDIA 2070 Super FE

I liked the simplicity of the Founders Edition 2060 Super but they had sold out. Fortunately NVIDIA had more stock at a later date, so I decided to go one better and buy a 2070 Super. This involved a little additional cable management for the additional power supply.

Fan & Gubbins:

To reduce the need for different RGB controllers I ended up using a lot of Thermaltake items. Although pricey I really like the Riing Plus design and Thermaltake had just released their ToughRam memory sticks.

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  • 3 months ago
  • 2 points

Those are great pixel bead decorations, but the white panel seems kind of mismatched when the red lights are powered on. Some red lighting close behind the panel would tie it together with the rest, or else just making it black would look more like part of the case . . . my subjective opinion. I always like to see DIY enhancements.

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for your opinion and feedback all ideas are greatly appreciated. I bought the white acrylic as I knew the light would pass through but sadly the left side gets less light because of the power supply and drive cage. I was hoping that the lighting behind would have worked better - perhaps I will try and squeeze in some LED strips in the future it is all getting a little tight for space. Perhaps in hindsight black acrylic would have been better. So many man hours for those bead decorations!