UPDATE I have now got Water cooling. The cooler is a Corsair h100i GTX. Very good cooler, I highly recommend it!

This is my first computer build. I built this mainly for a speedy gaming rig.

I'm gonna break down the parts and why I chose them...

Case: It is big, has a shiny door, sexy, has lots of room, and was on sale for $94.99 reg $134.99

Video Card: I chose the EVGA Geforce GTX 770 SC ACX video card because...well...the price. Its was on sale for (wait for it).....$289.99 when it is regularly $460. I was originally gonna go with a GTX 760 but I saw that price and for $10 more I could get a 770? Hell yeah, so I ordered it and that is how it came to be my dedicated GPU.

Processor: I chose my processor because Intel seems a little pricey. Don't get me wrong Intel does make good chips but at the time I was going for price to performance. I did not want to overclock right away. I know that Intel is known well for being good overclocking chips but I had my eyes set on this lovely AMD FX-8350 chip that was on sale for $175. This choice was not based solely on price but base performance for a solid $200 range.

SSD: Samsung is a company that I absolutely love. They make good electronics and I have a Samsung phone as my daily driver. I have heard phenomenal reviews on the Samsung 840 Evo and heard that it boots your operating system with speed. Also I believe that it is worth it to spend a few extra dollars to get more quality and reliability.

HDD: I chose this hardrive to store my steam library. I prefer Western Digital over Seagate. You have your opinion, I have mine and I have researched and found that Seagate has a higher failure rate. Also a few of my buddies have had Seagate drive sand they have failed and that resulted in them losing all their files and such.

Ram/Memory: It was cheap, had 1600mhz speed, 8gb is really all you need for gaming, has a latency of 9, came in 2 x 4gb sticks which will run in dual channel which means FASTER

Power Supply: The video card I chose is power hungry in terms of amps and the +12v rail. This PSU has way more amps than what is required and it is a little overkill but...I was gonna go for the Corsair hx650 but heard the scary stories of those PSU's having a chirping fan and nasty coil whine. I went out on a whim and chose this PSU, now I love it so much that it's 8 months pregnant...

Motherboard: Asus = Quality ♥


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nice build tho