I've got this build in July 2014 and I've been using it mostly for gaming.

Everything works great so far.

I actually had some trouble lowering the socket lever. I had no idea it took so much pressure, and I was convinced I had damaged the pins at this point:

Then I removed the socket cover and everything went fine on the second try:

Jump-starting the test build, and the very first post worked flawlessly:

I just wish I had got a more ventilated case; things can get too hot on this one. In fact I bought the Cooler Master Hyper 212x and the Corsair 120mm just recently to try to get it cooler. Before I had these coolers the CPU went past 70°C and the GPU reached 80°C constantly under load. Now they don't usually get past 55°C and 72°C, respectively.

Keep in mind it's summer here and I'm reporting in from a 40°C city, where I play games all sweat and need to take frequent showers.

And lastly it's worth mentioning that I had to pay the equivalent to almost $2.700 for this build where I live (back then it would have costed around $1.500 in the US).

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