Hey guys! So I actually built this a couple months ago... I built my brother and sister-in-law a new pc and they gave me some of the old pc's parts to salvage. So I took those parts and some parts I had of my own and built this pc! Pretty good bang for the buck I'll say. This pc will be sold to one of my good buddies so he can get into pc gaming! Anything with prices is stuff I had to buy new. The psu, 4gb of ram, and a case were provided by my bro. But I had the core 3500 laying around so I decided to put it in there.

CPU: Bought on black friday...good pairing with the gpu

Mobo: cheap, gigabyte (I trust them), and will be fine for this build. I know it only supports 1333 ram, but that's what I have anyways

Storage: ole reliable.

Video Card: Got this off of newegg around black friday. It's a refurb and has great performance at an even greater price.

Case: This was my old case, plenty of room.

OS: bought on ebay gonna upgrade to win 10.

Wifi: Cheap and good!

Fans: Had these laying around, though I'd add some bling.

PSU: never heard of this brand..I think it's from best buy though. It 80+ and has been going strong for awhile though.

Ram: 4gb was from my brother...I paid $10 on ebay for the other 4gb

All in all it's a pretty solid build the only thing I would change is the psu, but It was free and has stood the test of time. (The last picture is of the pc in the old case)

If you want to know more about it, I did a video of me building it and a benchmark video on my youtube channel!

The Build:



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That PSU looks like the Rocket fish braded version of the Huntkey Jumper 550. See review here: Its not a horrible PSU, I bought two of them years ago for mid range systems and they are still running. That said your 7950 will be drawing more power than the 7850's I hooked too it.

Other than that. Hope you enjoy your rig:)

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thanks its actually going to a buddy but I'll keep an eye on it for him! thanks for the info on the psu!

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This is basically IDENTICAL to the $350 eBay PC I've been planning on building for the last few months. A+ bro! +1

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BestBuy (you are right, rocket fish is BestBuy's in house brand) power supply, not sure if I trust that or not. I supposed it would work. Aside of that great build with a dang good price point. I would not worry about that 1333mhz RAM, you would not see much of a performance difference with 1600mhz RAM. On a side note try to enable XMP on your mobo and see if it bumps the ram to 1600mhz. You may get lucky, in the end you could just overclock the RAM if you wanted to.

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thanks! I may have to see if I can get lucky with the XMP!

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