This was my very first build and I'm pretty pleased with it. I had some issue with AMD's packaging of the heatsink since it damaged one of the tubes with the clamp handle(just flip it over to the other side and viola, it's not going to hurt anything). Tigerdirect took care of me there since AMD's customer service is non existent. Other than that, the build was completed with assistance/oversight which I was very grateful for after being up for 28hrs prior. The Enermax case has an awesome amount of clearance pretty much all over. I installed the OS with the SSD only in the beginning. When we tried to hook up the 1TB, it did start to fight us a little. It would flip flop between BIOS menu and windows itself on the same boot as to which harddrive was actually hooked up. Once both were recognized it decided to stop recognizing my optical drive. Eventually it worked but I'm still not convinced I have it configured it right. Currently the SSD shows up as an ejectable drive :-/. Not sure what's up with that, but at least she runs. The optical drive was pilfered from an old dell. The fans, of which I installed six(hot office in the summer time), I picked up on newegg for cheap a while back. 2 140mm's on top with all others being 120mm's, the thing runs incredibly cool. I haven't gotten a chance to try any real gaming on it. Not sure that I really will. I was hoping to eventually start doing a little video and photo editing with it soon. At the time I am writing this, I have yet to receive any of my rebates but It's only been around 6 weeks. I will be looking into more RAM, Hard Drives, and possibly another graphics card(s). I was shooting for a well rounded build with gaming being at the bottom of the priority list really. The biggest benefit as far as I'm concerned is the lack of preloaded garbage from an already built. This site has been a HUGE help in getting me motivated to just go ahead and build one.


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great build but if i was you i would have chosen an i7 with hyperthreading which is good for video with a higher up gtx with a high amount of cuda cores. but overall good im hoping to build a computer with that case

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you do see he didnt go with one due to the price right? i mean maybe an i7 960 or something is a BIT cheaper but then you wouldn't grow on it due to the socket being older..... also i wouldve spent the extra $20 on a gtx 750 but its literally about the same performance between a 650 and 750....