After building my own computer my BiL wanted in on some custom action. His budget was lower and he isnt a huge PC gamer to begin with, so the goal was to make a respectable gaming setup. It's a bit overkill for minecraft and warcraft but he said he might want to do some newer fps games. After researching that the 7790 is equivalent graphics as an xbox one I figured that is what we would shoot for. However since the release of the r7 200 series, they were getting more expensive and in short supply. So we went for the next best thing with the R7 260x. This card is suppose to be the same, but seems to show slightly lower benchmarks. Some theorize that this is due to the drivers not being optimized yet. We did however choose the 2gb version in order to be more comfortable running at 1080p. In any case, we kept it under $800 for a pretty nice little setup.

We chose the 6 core because it was on sale for 110 which was only a few dollars above the quad. We originally chose the motherboard to match it with an msi 7790 but as the graphics card option changed, we kept the mobo as the price was right anyway.

RAM, Hard Drive, Case, Optic Drive, keyboard, and Wireless Card were all chosen for the price.

I had read good things about that Rosewill PSU in particular. Also it's actually an 80+ Bronze, but on here it only shows as 80+. Best thing about it though is all the cables were sleeved which def helped in this case.

The fan we chose for the bottom mount is pretty loud. Seems to be pushing alot of air though.

I definately DO NOT like the keyboard. It looks nice but the space bar is terrible and I am not a fan of halfsies backspace keys.

One important thing to know about the Dell ST24 display is that if you connect it with an HDMI cable you will need to adjust scaling to remove the black border.

The case is meh, it was smaller than expected, and doesn't have a really good setup for cable management. We added the optional bottom mount fan, but I think I will convince him to go with a liquid cpu cooler and an added triple fan 5.25 bay setup. Overall the system is running well, just a little on the warmer side of things as far as the mobo goes. Anyone wanting to get this case to save some money I would say only if you're saving the money for a liquid cooler setup.

Benchmarks: Valley 1920x1080, no AA, on low- 57 afps, on medium- 48 afps, on high- 39 afps, ultra- 30 afps

Part Reviews


Great go-to budget CPU

Video Card

Definitely a card worth mentioning for someone who doesn't want to spend thousands on a build and wants graphics to match the latest consoles.

Power Supply

Rosewill is starting to become my go-to PSU

Case Fan

Very loud, but it moves some air I tell you what.


It's not a bad keyboard, I just hate shortened backspace keys.


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Show some pics ;)

  • 69 months ago
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asap promise.

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Let's get some internal shots ! Nice build for getting under 800 with monitor and os as well !

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I will as soon as possible, she pretty much took over with Warcraft as soon as it booted lol. Yeah I already had the CD from my build so he just had to get the license key for windows which saved some cash. He got it from i think.

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I love seeing builds with the R7 260x in them, cheaper card with great performance.

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I see you went for a AM3+ processor, is this because you are not planning on upgrading it? After all AM is nearly/dead. Other wise this looks good, how does the rig play when on newer games?

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The budget was the biggest factor. Initially we were going with 4 cores, but the price of the 6 core went down to just a few dollars difference. I have a 6 core amd in my rig and it handles everything just fine. I however did overclock mine. I've talked to my brother in law about overclocking his but he feels it isn't necessary so that says something. Also I'd like to say that it performs well with newer games based on the benchmark scores, but I can't say for sure since the only games I know that he plays are Hawken and his wife plays WoW. Of course those are graphics at max. I suppose for the price this is as good as any setup for a gamer who doesn't have the funds for an over-the-top build. From what I've read the specs on this video card are on par with an xbox one and just short of a PS4, so that would probably be your best comparison. I'm sure with some tweaking you could probably get it to perform as well as a PS4.

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