Before this PC, I've been using an old laptop for college and gaming. I needed an upgrade. I was looking for a build that could overclock, last awhile without upgrading, and perform at 60-75 FPS at 1080p.

Overall, it was easy to put together and boot up Windows 10. One issue I ran into was with getting a defective RAM stick (Look at the review for it for more info). Another issue was my motherboard did not directly support the RGB header for the LED strips I got. I ended up getting a cable that hooked into a SATA power plug-in.

It was a lot of fun putting it all together and would definitely do something like this again in the future.

Part Reviews


Affordable and great for 60-75 FPS at 1080p.


Good ATX motherboard for the price. It comes with 2 SATA cables; I needed 3 so ordered 1 online. I/O shield is cheap. Easy to use BIOS and includes many features for overclocking. Lastly, it does NOT come with an RGB header.


One of the sticks I received was faulty and caused my built PC to crash. Luckily, Corsair had wonderful customer service and just swapped my bad sticks with new ones. I could use the one good stick until the new ones arrived, then I took out the good stick, swapped it out with the new set, and sent the faulty stick and the good stick back to Corsair. I could still use my PC the whole time during the RMA process which was nice.


Fast booting Windows 10 and other priority programs. Took about 5-10 seconds from turning on the power to get to the desktop screen.

Video Card

Perfect high-end, budget-friendly GPU. I use this for 1080p gaming at around 60-75 FPS and it hasn't had an issue running AAA games on high settings. Also, bought it near MSRP which was lucky considering it was high in demand due to cryptocurrency mining.


Great case for cable management and all around clean-looking builds.

Case Fan

I bought this case fan for a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Tempered Glass to match the fans already included.


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Looks really nice and clean, you must have had a total pro help you build it ;)

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I am considering this case, i see rgb lighting in your pics is this part of the case or something you added thats not in parts list?

  • 4 months ago
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I added it in. I know Phanteks makes cases that come with the rgb lighting for around the same price. I would recommend going in that direction.

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