Hello! This is my third PC I've built and it should last me for quite a long time (unlike my last two). I'm just going to get straight to the point, no unnecessarily long backstories here.

Benchmarks coming this weekend whenever I have time, and when I actually have storage space.

All in all I'm very pleased with my build, it performs well and looks great, I just need to do some finishing touches like getting an LED strip, sleeved cables, and proper cable management.

Thanks for viewing my build!

Part Reviews


It's a pretty good CPU, it's not a huge step up from my 4690k but it's still great, and Skylake is pretty cool. I should probably overclock soon.

CPU Cooler

Excellent cooler, I wanted to go air cooling because I'm not a huge fan of having water in my system, and was deciding between this and the PH-TC14PE but decided on the Noctua one because it was cheaper at the time compared to the black Phanteks cooler. The fans are dead silent even without the Low Noise adapters, and mounting the cooler was a breeze even though I had to do it 3 times.


Really good motherboard with loads of features, I was considering the lower end Gigabyte Z170 board to save a little money but was convinced to go with this one. Wanted M.2 support, good audio, and clean looks (after turning off the stupid SupremeFX lighting). Hopefully this board paired with the 6600k will let me get a good overclock.


It's memory. Cheapest 2x8GB kit that wasn't green at the time.


Cheapest 128GB M.2 SSD at the time of purchase, and is very fast, Windows 10 boots in 3-5 seconds approx.

Video Card

Holy balls is this thing great, plays Overwatch at 4K 60FPS maxed out, and Rise of the Tomb Raider maxed out at 1080p with 90-130 FPS. Silent at idle and decently quiet while playing games, but it sounds like a jet engine at anything above 80% fan speed. It was a good 80 bucks cheaper than the OC version of the same card, and the lighting is great. I've seen the clock speed go up to 1931Mhz in OC mode, much higher than advertised


This case is PHANTASTIC, tons of room for GPUs, air cooling, water cooling, PSUs, and cable managment. However, the glossy white is very susceptible to scratches and the power button is way too easy to press in. It arrived with scratches and what looked like popped paint bubbles on the side and top panels (it seems I just have bad luck with cases)

Power Supply

Easily the best PSU I've ever owned. Reliable, silent, fully modular, 80+ Gold, and looks pretty good as well. Cables are a little tough and don't look too great, although I do plan to get some white sleeved cables soon.


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And it stays cool without any other case fans on there?

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There is the 200MM fan in the front which provides enough airflow for the components. The 2 fans on the CPU cooler are both exhausting out the back of the case. It stays pretty darn cool.

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That is one huge heatsink. Could you maybe upload some pics of the whole build? And maybe some benchmarks?

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I've added shots of the PC on with and without the side panel, as well as 3DMark Time Spy and Firestrike benchmark scores. More gaming benchmarks will come this weekend.

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The name is really good

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Your 1070 doesn't have any problems staying cool? I'm looking to downsize to ITX but worried about the cooling and don't want to buy a waterblock. I have an EVGA 1070 so no triple fan, but in general your fans don't go crazy on whatever resolution you play at?

  • 32 months ago
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Dunno how I didn't see this comment, but the GPU has never gone above 70 C, and the fans never go above 2000RPM, it's decently quiet.