This is the build that I am currently rocking. Obviously I plan on upgrading some things like my CPU Cooler, Motherboard, Power Supply, and Storage Drives. Other than that, the build is up and running and works extremely well for what it is. I didn't really go with a theme, or go for looks at all for that matter, but the build runs every game on the market at max settings at 1080p, and mostly max settings at 1440p. The build has been through many stages throughout its lifetime, starting off with Geil Evo Potenza DDR4-2400 RAM with an EVGA SSC GeForce GTX 1060 6gb Video Card, a Deepcool Tesseract SW ATX Case, only 1 TB of HDD Storage, and an i5-6500 CPU with a stock cooler. I am very much proud of this build, but some upgrades will need to be obtained if I am ever going to reach TRUE GAMER STATUS, but for now, this build does more than enough for me. In case anyone was wondering, there isn't a single compatibility issue with the build even though PCPartPicker says there may be. The RAM and the CPU Cooler have optimal clearance, albeit just barely enough, and the 4-pin Power Supply and Motherboard compatibility issue does not matter unless the user is going to overclock, or uses a Power Supply with much less wattage than the one seen in this build. Everything simply works, stays cool enough for it not to be a problem, and runs really fast.

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