A lot of time and effort at work has finally led me to my first custom computer, it does everything i want. Its quiet, powerful and looks awesome, even matches my 2015 blackwidow ultimate and 2012 naga.

Processor - Intel Core i7 6700K,

I went with this processor simply because it is the best CPU for gaming right now. I understand that since this is mostly a gaming rig why go with the i7, the answer is simple, i wanted a CPU that would last me a long time and give me some growing room if i wanted to get into video editing or live streaming, plus i might go SLI in the future so why not!

Cpu cooler - NZXT Kraken x61

Another simple choice if you want a quiet and powerful CPU cooler, keeps my 6700k running quiet and cool, even at 4.4gz

Motherboard - MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon

The motherboard was a really hard choice since i wanted an all black motherboard, i would have gone with the EVGA FTW motherboard if only it had usb 2.0 and a better QC, so this is what a decided on

Memory - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 - 2666

Can't go wrong with good'ol corsair memory!

Storage - A-Data Premier SP550 240GB SSD and HGST Deskstar Nas 3tb HDD

Storage was pretty east to decide on ever sense i started watching Tek Syndicate and just seeing how amazing HGST,s drives are, i had to go with them. The SSD on the other hand was just the cheepest 240gb SSD with a decent brand label on it

Video Card - Asus GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Founders Edition.

I knew when i saw this GPU for the first time at Nvidia's unveiling of the new 10 series, that this would be the card for this build. When i saw that it even beat a 980ti for about 50 dollars less on amazon, i went for it. So far i love this card, i finished my PC a few hours before posting this so i have just started running benchmarks and i love how cool this card is and its quite, quiet. Can't wait to start gaming on this beast!

Case - Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX Mid Tower

I saw this case in a few videos and i love it, i wish the tempered glass edition was available when i bought the case, but its all good. Its sturdy and made of full aluminum , i love the options for radiators in the future and how many dust filters it has. In my opinion if you have the budget and you are looking for a nice mid tower case get this one, simply outstanding.

Power Supply - Corsair RMx 850W 80+ Gold certified

Got it on sale for only 99.99$, fully modular and pretty quiet actually plus i figured it would be enough power for a sli setup in the future.

Final opinions - The last thing i didn't cover was the fans, i saw them in a linustech video and plus they are the only good looking and relatively quiet fan i have seen on the market (that are green mind you).

So yeah this is my first build and im very pleased with it. I hope to get a 1440p monitor sometime soon and maybe another 1070 in a few months after the game drivers catch up with the new series


  • 42 months ago
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Yayyyyy more GREEN!!!!!

  • 42 months ago
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Nice build! Any reason you went with the kraken over something like an h100i?

  • 42 months ago
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I really wanted the variable speed pump

  • 41 months ago
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Hey just a question.. I am planning on getting this motherboard.. Can you disable all the other lights except for the rgb lights at the front. I am after a full black motherboard with rgb so I can set kraken x61 and my evga Gtx 1080ftw to a certain colour and have no red at all. :D

  • 42 months ago
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DO NOT GO SLI WITH THE i7 6700K!!!! It only has 16 PCIE Lanes so both card will only be running at 8X Speeds. The i7 7700K is rumored to have 28 PCIE Lanes so that would be a better option.

  • 42 months ago
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8x speeds for both cards wont be a performance loss

  • 42 months ago
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I have basically the same build. With the performance boost on the 10x0 cards there is such a jump now in SLI over previous gen cards that 8x will be null. So I say yes add a second. In fact looking at scores on 3D Mark 1070 cards in SLI gained an average of 30 fps over single. They also way outperform a single 1080 when you have 2 1070. So this boads well for folks on a first build budget planning to add a second card later.

  • 42 months ago
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It would still not be as effective as having one running at 16X and one at 8X or both at 16X. Besides I have a 1440p monitor and a single GTX 1070 and I'm get 60fps on almost every game.

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