I decided to go with an open box deal on the mobo, which arrived with damaged pins but I went ahead and RMA'd it and purchased a new one since they were in limited supply and I trusted NewEgg's RMA enough. Got the new mobo just over 24 hours later :D

Also got a refurbished deal on the 144hz monitor for $169 (still priced at $250) which was a STEAL. Coming from working on a retina screen all the time, the color/resoloution isn't great but it's been awesome to game on.

Opted against a SSD to save on cost since none of the benchmarks I can find show SSD's affecting anything opther than level load times (and only by 3-10 seconds), and general snappyness when moving around in the OS which I can suffer with for a while.

Figured I can go 16GB RAM later. I forgot how memory hungry Windows can get.

Probably consider a 10 series GPU later as well.

[UPDATES] Upgraded to 16GB RAM (more of the same) since I found myself well above 75% usage fairly often. Hovers right around 50% in nearly anything I do now (I keep a lot of tabs open)

I toyed with the motherboard's bios/auto-overclock stuff a bit. Bumped it up to 4.4ghz and it seems no less stable and sits at 50c during rendering/gaming so the cooler does it's job well.

Added a second 24" monitor running at 60hz which came with a Ergotech 320 2-Link Arm for 100$ Thanks Craigslist! FPS seems unaffected in games, and wow arm mounts are awesome!

Added an $11 TP-Link N150 wireless card. I was using a wifi extender with an ethernet port at first, but I only got about 2MBps at best (still gamed on it fine tho) New card holds a stable 72.2Mbps connection to my wireless gateway. My ISP connection maxes at 75Mbps, so this is perfect. Anyone who says you need a gigabit device for your crappy sub-gigabit home internet (Shoutout to Comcast) is huffing paint.

Thinkin about some white or amber cathode tubes at some point.

Been excellent so far (september, 2016) I can play Overwatch, and stream, and browse the internet at the same time. Prob watch a movie if I wanted. Even handles poorly optimized games like Rust or DayZ with maxed out settings at around 30fps or more.

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  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build if you're sporting 1080p that 970 should be good for a while

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

Clean build! But Trust me, get an ssd and you'll do yourself a favor. Even a small one of 60gb for os+ a few games or a 120 gb if you want to install your most played games on it. You can get some for dirt cheap now. Maybe another open box deal?

  • 43 months ago
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Whoa your monitor is 144mhz?? That's 144.000.000 hz gj :p

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

Good catch, haha.