I wanted to build a PC mostly with cost effective parts from Black Friday.

Picked a 2700x for 160 which was a pretty good bargain at the time. Used the savings on good airflow for better overclocking potential.

AM4 socket should allow CPU upgrade ability (and Mugen is a easy CPU cooler to install)

USB C on the case can be used with Asus B450i mobo with a silverstone adapter. Allows compatibility with USB C devices as I also use a mac book.

I run the fans at low speed so the PC is nearly silent at low workloads. May explain slightly high idle temp. It is audible but still quiet at heavy workloads with great temperatures.

Love the ITX form factor.

Cost listed is NOT accurate- some were old parts. Total cost was 860.

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  • 2 months ago
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You can manually enter the prices for the parts you bought. But a PSU in the front of a case? That just doesnt seem right.

  • 2 months ago
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It's OK. It sucks air from the front fan and exhaust it out from the side vent of the Case.