This is my first computer build, I have had it for a year and until recently I did some upgrades mainly aesthetic. It works fantastic I have had zero issues and I can play any game so far as I know with maxed graphics like GTA 5, Battlefield 4, and Skyrim. I use this computer to play games, record games, and for school work. I am a college student and have plenty of time to use the machine it has been a great investment.

Installing was straight forward of course it being my first time working with computer parts I had to troubleshoot through several instances when things were not powering up. All of them were my mistakes forgetting to follow instructions 100% because sometimes as men we don't need instructions.

The biggest difference I can see from playing on a family dell computer to this one, is my ssd. I loaded all of my operating system and games onto it and the loading time is unbelievable. I would highly recommend buying a ssd with at least 125 gb for the operating system.

After building it I have convinced many of my friends to build there own machine because of the satisfaction I have had with completing the build. I plan to continue to modify and create some really cool builds so any advice or anything that you think I could add to my build is much appreciated.

pictures are on the way

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Looks awesome in my case, its is large and barely fits in it but it gets the job done. Keeps my processor cool.


Awesome motherboard, I must agree that it is very sturdy and durable. There is LED displays that are a savior when trying to troubleshoot problems. I have owned it for a year and have had no issues.


Works, haven't had any issues. they also look cool.


Unbelievably fast, I have my operating system on here and a few games and I can see a massive difference from a HDD.


Low noise, cost effective storage.

Video Card

This card is HUGE, I was barely able to fit it into 2 different atx mid cases, so i can imagine that it wont fit into some. Other than that its a great graphics card haven't found anything it cant handle.

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Nice build.

Don't like that CPU cooler though but I realise it's kind of an old one.

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