This is my PC it is made to be able to upgraded in the future the graphics card was my friends old one so he gave it to me for cheap. if you are getting this motherboard I would recommend that you get a splitter for the fans as it only has two fan ports and a CPU port.

Edit 14/4/2017: I've had this PC for a year and a half now and I have had a problem since day one where my PC sometimes will randomly crash to a black screen I'm fairly sure it could be to do with temperatures but if there is anything else you can see that could be a reason please comment on this thank you



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I'd hardly describe am3+ as "most upgradable" tbh, you've basically got the best cpu available for it already & unfortunately amd have already announced that their forthcoming cpu (codename zen) is not gonna be compatible.

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I agree that the AM3+ platform is not the "most upgradeable" platform, but it is cost effective for a multi-use system and @GloopySlime has a bunch of future upgrade options to improve the performance of this system from adding ram, a faster GPU, and SSD storage devices. It is not the most "upgradeable" platform, but it is far from the least.

On another note, those who doubt the Novatech PSU should note that it seems to be a rebadged OCZ unit similar to OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ750FTY and is made by the OEM by High Power (Sirtec) based on their HP-750-G14C platform.

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I could see why you say this build is "upgradeable, there is enough wattage and the motherboard does support SLI/Crossfire, but in terms of wanting to upgrade your CPU, you practically already reached the end of the line (unless you want a 9590 or so), but still good build!

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Um. Er. The whole AMD thing isn't quite what I would call upgradable.