I built this machine during summer 2014. Mainly use it for gaming and doing schoolwork. It was my first build, so excuse my amateur cable management, lol

The RAM is not listed because I pulled 8GB of RAM from the old HP Envy tower that had 12GB of RAM on it before I sell it.

Motherboard was purchased brand new from micro center, that price was clearance and after $15 rebate. (50% off already reduced price)

Graphic card was also purchased brand new, from tiger direct, price shown after rebate and 10% cashback from PNC bank

The case was purchased from tigerdirect, brand new, $90 after $30 rebate.

Windows 8.1 Pro was purchased from microsoft, student discount.

Originally, I tried to stay within $800 budget when building this machine (had XFX radeon HD7700 superclocked before from the old machine, then decided to buy the GTX 760), but I got greedy, so the GTX 760 and the SSD came along, totally satisfied with the SSD performance!

I have not try to over clock any thing yet, the GTX 760 stays relatively cool and silent.

I guess this build is still ok for the total cost.


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  • 64 months ago
  • 3 points

More pictures?

  • 64 months ago
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Bruh, better Photos, please.

+1, nice parts :/

  • 64 months ago
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I love the comment..."tried to stay within $800 budget" We have all been there. I tried the same at $900..ha...ending up around $1500.