Edit: July, 2016

This has been an ongoing build since before Christmas of 2012. Started getting used parts together and built a computer as I was starting school for IT training. Over the next couple years and several trips to Microcenter and Tigerdirect (living outside Atlanta had its perks) it turned into a great PC to do anything. The main focus was school training so multi core and budget was what I needed. Stared with a FX8320 and matx board, but once I got the R4 I went ahead and got a second bundle with a FX4350 and atx board. Most everything else was a mix of parts from the Core 2 Duo system I built with mostly Ebay parts.

So now 4 years later moved back to FL and settled in South FL most everything has been upgraded. Just the past month or so I went ahead and started buying the white cable extensions, LED's and other things to finish the original black and white build idea. The blue PCB's ended up looking much better than I expected. Upgraded to the Phanteks CPU cooler, the kind of custom SilenX with Bitfenix fans I was using just can't compare to the quality of this. The Phanteks is so much lighter and better performing. Only ever hear the GPU fans now.

Since I was upgrading the CPU cooler, I went ahead and took apart the 3 year old HD7950 and changed the thermal paste and cleaned the heatsink and fans really well. Decided to white plastidip the fan shroud while is was apart. Turns out plastidip in South Florida Summer isn't a great idea. It isn't the best paint job, but only noticeable close up so cleaned it up and put everything back together. I was running 16GB of RAM for awhile, but now that RAM prices are so low again I got another kit of the same to match for 32GB now.

Reassembled the PC again and installed the LED lights around the top of the case for some accent lighting. Pulled all the drive cages out and got a 3.5"and dual 2.5" drive adapter for the top 5.25" bay so I could mount the drives in the unused space. Makes the case so much cleaner now. All the cables had to be re managed to install the extensions. The cable extensions from Bitfenix are really nice quality. I wanted to custom sleeve, still might try it some day, but this has non standard connections at the PSU so these will be difficult.

Picked up a Logitech mech keyboard and wired mouse which makes a world of difference to the wireless stuff I had for a couple years. Got an extra large mouse pad from Amazon which is more like a giant desk pad, so wish I had got it sooner. Feeling pretty happy with what I have been able to build. The lighting and color scheme worked out really great. Plus running VM's and doing practice labs is much easier with the 32GB of RAM. So other than wanting an ultrawide monitor to mount above my two , this build is done.


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