I have only built a few computers prior to this and most of them were cobbled aberrations that bore no resemblance to a decent build.

I have a few goals for this computer.

  1. Play World of Warcraft on its highest settings on 1 screen.
  2. Play World of Warcraft on multiple screens (multiple instances of WoW running at once) with minimal lag
  3. Use it as a glorified media center for my home. Watch TV, play music, stream netflix, and play blue ray etc
  4. Multitask on multiple screens. (I'm ADD and love to have 3 things going at once)
  5. Run complex emergency simulations for my dissertation (Some in 3d.) I'm working on an Emergency Management Masters.
  6. I do not want to have to replace much in this computer once it gets going.

I'm all for overkill but didn't want to spend more than $1500. I actually ended up paying around $1350 for all of these parts with 1 day shipping so I feel that I did pretty well there. I tried to use quality brands in each slot and didn't skimp on anything I didn't feel I had to.

CPU- I went with the intel i5-3570k for two reasons; a) I read all the reviews about how the AMD processors weren't as good for gaming and b) It was the highest performing chip I could afford. Maybe one day I will upgrade to an i7 or whatever the next generation holds but for now this is perfect for my gaming purposes.

MOBO- I know that some people have a problem with the Sabertooth. I like it. My wife has a cat and I have two standard poodles so there is pet hair in the house and anything that puts another layer of protection between my computer parts and that dust/dandruff/hair is worth every penny. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that animal hair is what killed my last PC (an 8 year old dell that I kept alive by adding parts over the course of the past several years).

Storage- I went with the intel SSD and don't regret that decision at all. Windows and WoW boot up instantly. I don't have loading screens anymore. I have a slot in the top of the case for the addition of another SSD and will probably add another one when I get my next paycheck. I'm in love with the speed SSD's offer. The Seagate Barracuda 2TB is exactly what it says it is. It is nothing special, just a mule to carry all the crap I hold onto.

Memory- I went with the G Skill Ares 16GB. I know 16GB is more than is necessary for gaming. Quite frankly, I don't care. I wanted 16GB so I got it. When I get some money to just blow, I'm going to put 16GB more in. Just for laughs. I went with the 1866mhz because it honestly doesn't make a huge difference to jump up to 2100 or higher at this point. If the day comes that I need it I will change over. RAM isn't so expensive that you can't change it out.

Video Card- The EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW 2GB. It's a beast. I'm glad I chose it. Also it is so easy to change things on it that I could probably teach my grandmother how to use it (She doesn't want to learn how to use an iPad). Eventually if I get a game that I can't run on ultra I may drop some more money and put in a second one to run SLI.

Power Supply- I wanted to make sure that If I added anything in the future that my power supply could handle that and then some. I also wanted it to be modular.

Case- NZXT H2. Whisper quiet. I haven't heard anything inside of it. My wireless router and cable box are louder. Wire management is a little tight in there. It takes a little work to get everything clean. However, if you are trying to find a case that doesn't look like a casino and a nightclub had a baby then this is the case for you. There are only two lights on it and they are both very tasteful. Plenty of fans, dust guard, lots of drive bays, perfect amount of space, outside fan control, convenient USB ports, and it just looks pretty. I couldn't ask for more from a case. I am going to be working on wire management bit by bit over the next several weeks.

I am currently use a 65" Vizio as a screen. It's working and its awesome. I am currently using a logitech wireless mouse and keyboard. Those are both going to be replaced soon. I'm probably going to go with a Razer Naga Epic and need to find a decent wireless keyboard.

Let me know what you think!


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Though you could have saved a good chunk of money and still ended up exceeding your needs, as you put it, you did "get what you wanted" Its a beast of a system and WoW won't even know what to do with it.

You'd probably be the only person whom I'd recommend the sabertooth board to and you had a pretty good explination as to why you chose it. I too suffer from a dusty house, cat hair and other undesirables. I take black panty hose and wrap them around the vents of the computer, you can't tell what it is and actually looks pretty cool. You could use any color and customize the look :P.

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The panty hose idea is brilliant. Luckily I don't think I need it. All of the fans and fan holes on the case come with dust screens, which I think is absolutely amazing. Like I said, anything that keeps dust and pet hair out is awesome!

I'm not the average computer user. I have varied interests and use my computer for practically every aspect of my life. A beast is what I was going for and a beast it is. A boot time of 2 seconds for windows 8 is just icing on my cake. No load screens for wow was a happy accident.

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I'm disabled now and have been for 5 years, So my life is my connection to my computer / internet. Watch TV, Movies, Gaming, Learning what ever.

I call myself a Full Time Gamer :P I never could get into WoW, at the time of its launch I was an RTS player, Starcraft to be exact. I moved from RTS to MMORPG when I married my wife and we just kind of past its inception. We play Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, and Planet Side 2. My system isn't as overkill as yours in certain areas but it still doesn't seem challanged with what I'm making it do :D.

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Feel free to let me have it. :-)

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I really need to clean up the wires some more. One day this week I am going to have to go through the whole things and rewire it.

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Nice build there, how much FPS you are getting on this in WoW ? and at what res ?

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this was a incredibly good pc 5 years ago, geez, has time passed, this demonstrates how trchnology absolutely flies within this years

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I find it hilarious about you wasted all of your money on the mouse for this computer. The mouse is the expensive part on the list. You should have taken pride by buying the graphics unit instead of the mouse. six ninety-nine can easily get you a better game-play for your games. Why buy a fifty dollar graphics card yet buys a expensive mouse?! I find this hilarious.