Runs well, no issues thus far. I would recommend putting in the case fans last (had to reinstall them 5 times.) I use it for gaming, witch seems ridiculous looking at my peripherals. The only thing I would maybe change is getting an adapter to mount the SSD properly.

Part Reviews


I have rarely if ever gone above 20% core utilization even during stress tests, it's an extremely powerful CPU especially for the price, I doubt I'll need anything more powerful for the next decade

CPU Cooler

This is a great cooler that keeps my CPU nice and cold, it is a bit of a pain to mount but it's manageable


Great motherboard, Pros: stays cool, has plenty of room for expandability, Cons: not a lot of ram clearance, the LEDs are solid red unchangeably


Great ram! No issues, none of this RGB ram BS but with just as much performance 10/10

Video Card

Crazy powerful card for a great price, no issues, and it's not listed as SLI capable but it has SLI pins? Haven't tested yet but I'm confused to say the least. Edit: its also stinking massive


A great case with plenty of fan mountings, I didn't get a blank for the hot-swap drive witch means it's just sucking up dust until I get something to block it with but minor details.

Power Supply

Amazing power supply, my only gripe is that it's 1.5x as long as an average power supply so it blocks fan mountings.

Case Fan

Great fans! Easy to mount, decent cable length, and practically silent!


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So I'm looking at your photos and your RAM appears to be in the first 2 DIMM slots. If you want to get full RAM speeds I recommend changing that. I took a look at the manual for your motherboard and it says to put your sticks in the slots labeled DIMMA2 and DIMMB2 (The red colored ones) Other than that, sick build!

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Thanks man! I forgot about ram staggering, and might have accidentally just left it running like that. Appreciate it

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