This is the promised upgrade of my May 2018 PC that was originally from a system integrator. For comprehensive details on the PC and the whole setup plus more photos visit the original build page:

So I probably went a bit overkill by choosing an RTX 2080S for the rig as a 2070S or 5700XT would have probably been enough for ok to run 4k gaming which I at least intended to aim at as I said at the end of my original build. But I decided to better fulfill this target and spend a bit more money as I really wanted to have a big upgrade from the gtx 1060 6gb. Now this card is probably the cheapest of its kind I could find in Germany coming in at just 719€ which is actually 30 € under the local msrp (which yeah as you might now graphics cards tend to be quite a bit more expensive in Europe than in the US). For that I got I really decent cooler imo with slightly better cooling than the expensive Founders Edition and most importantly stop-in-idle so I'd consider it quite a good deal and I haven't regret the purchase so far (especially when talking in the range of different flavours of this SKU). I overclocked the card to 2070 MHz core and +1500 MHz memory and it largely fulfilled my expectations of 4k gaming. E.g. ac odyssey was one of the first really demanding games I tried and I have around 45-55 fps on 4k ultra with which I can live with as I don't find below 60 fps gaming too bad. And just in general whereas less demanding games that I often play like forza or beam ng struggled to run at 4k they finally do great on this card but what did one expect to get by selling his kidne- nvm.

Though I initially didn't indent to do it I also upgraded the psu from 450W 80+ flat to to 750W 80+ bronze since it didn't really feel nice trying to think about plugging this card to the ketchup and mustard monster that was my 450w psu (again check the older post) and since I wanted to overclock a bit it had to be a no brainer though that budget psu for its class still cost me 89€.

And yeah I totally forgot about my wifi pcie card not fitting anymore under my now 2.5 slot gpu on a micro atx motherboard so I quickly got a usb wifi adapter afterwards (which has at least 5 GHz support). Actually I thought it would fit and only full 3 slot would eliminate its place since it's just a bare pcb but anyway.

I also recently overclocked my ram from 2400 MHz to 2666 MHz squeezing a tiny bit more performance out of my slightly cpu bottlenecked system (though no further headrom since I have an H310 chipset and a locked cpu that both don't support higher frequencies).

As you might have noticed - it's a bit dusty in there. That's because as you might also have noticed - my PC is in a corner under my desk on a carpet. And why do you notice that I don't notice that and put the PC somewhere else Because there's basically no other space left to put it: Desk too small and already covered with important stuff to be easily accessible, setup is in a small corner in the room and my house is dustier on average and I have to clean the PC every one to two months.

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