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[OLD POST] Building my friend a Gaming PC

by Jsahgal


[This is an OLD POST! This is simply a re-upload from my old account, so all the parts here are dated.]

This machine is going to be my friend's first PC, and he will mainly use it for gaming. He wanted a green, Razer aesthetic so I chose parts according to his liking.

For the CPU, I chose a i5 6500 because I asked my friend whether he would want to OC, and he said he didn't need to so since he doesn't need to anyways, I chose the 6500. It came with a stock cooler, which we used and it would keep temps at an acceptable level.

For the MoBo, I chose a Gigabyte G1 Sniper B7 because it is styled green with green DIMMs and green LEDs on the back. It fits perfectly with the Razer theme. I also chose this because it has a B150 chipset, and on those you can't really OC, which he won't be doing anyways so this was perfect.

For ram, we just chose a standard 16gb kit of HyperX Fury black for this build. It's RAM, and it works. Not much I can say here. I do like the sleek, black look though.

For storage, we have a 1tb WD Blue, and it is 7200 rpm and pretty standard. It does its job, and works well while being slower than SSDs, so nothing much I can say here either. We also put in a 120gb Sandisk SSD so that we don't have to boot up everything off the hard drive. For example, many of the games my friend will play frequently will go on the SSD, and Windows will be installed on the SSD to speed up boot times. On the hard drive, he will put applications that he won't use as much and extra games.

For the Video Card, we have a GTX 1050 Ti. I know, I know, I could have easily put in a 1060 and gotten much better performance, but my friend insisted that he wanted a Razer case. I told him he would get a lot more performance if he just changed the case, but he really wanted the case so I just got the 1050 Ti. I also like how this video card doesn't start its fans until it reaches a certain temperature.

For the case, we have a Razer S340. Again, my friend insisted he wanted a Razer case, so he jumped down to 1050 Ti and put more money in for the case. The S340 was very easy to build in thanks to so many cut outs for cables and wires to pass through.

For the PSU, we just chose a Seasonic 550w psu. 550 watts is more than enough voltage that we need, but my friend said he may upgrade someday in the future, so I left quite a bit of voltage headroom if he ever wants to upgrade something. It powers the computer, doesn't start its fans until it reaches a temperature, and doesn't blow up so it's pretty good.

We added a wireless adapter because my friend does not have a wired connection in his room so we just used the wifi card and it works well. However, I think the range of the card is a bit on the bad side.

For the last thing, I added a extra case fan since the S340 only comes with two so I added an extra one which is the one that exhausts everything on the back. I set the Green LED fan as exhaust (the extra fan I bought) so that you could see it a lot more clearly than if you put it in the front. The fans that came with the case have been set as intakes.

Part Reviews


Very good CPU for gaming, good if you don't overclock, and works very well. Stock cooler kept temperatures at acceptable levels. Good price for a quad core too.


Great motherboard, works well and is easy to work with. I took one star off only because the EPS power connectors were a bit finicky to connect together and I felt like I was going to break the motherboard from plugging it in. Other than that, It works very well and fits well with any green themes.


It's RAM, works well and is fast. Not much I can say, but I really do like the sleek, black look of it.


Great SSD, very fast. Windows boots up in like 5 seconds! Very nice.


Great HDD. 1TB is great, and the price is just right. Pretty standard hard drive, but works very well.

Video Card

Great GPU. I really like the RGB LEDs, and how the fans do not spin until the GPU reaches a certain temperature.


Nice case. I always liked the S340, and with the green Razer aesthetic it also looks very nice. The only reason I took off one star is because the HDD tray do not have any anti-vibration padding or anything, so it worries me a little for the hard drives. Other than that, it's a great case and cable management was an easy breeze to get through.

Power Supply

Great PSU. It doesn't turn its fans until it reaches a certain temperature, which keeps the PC silent when you don't need to spin the fans. I took one star off because the SATA power connectors are only right angled, and none were straight angled, so the SSD that was mounted had the power cable wires bent back, which does worry me a little.

Wireless Network Adapter

Great wireless card, very easy to install. I did take one star off not because of the speed, but because the range was a bit on the bad side but other than that it's a great card and is pretty fast.

Case Fan

Great fan. Exhausts the PC, spins fast and works well. Green lighting is also very good, and was pretty bright.

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irritablemoth 2 Builds 1 point 17 months ago

I have the same PSU!

Do you have an update on the build? Everyone still happy?

Jsahgal submitter 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

Yep! Few windows issues here and there, but we fixed em quickly :) Build still works great!

WarSlayr 1 Build 1 point 17 months ago

It is still a sexy gaming built. Hope your buddy is still enjoying it .