My first ever FULL PC build was done to replace a great entry level gaming/streaming PC from CyberPowerPC. My old setup was a Ryzen 5 1600x and RX580 GPU but I felt it was time to upgrade as I am starting to do more and more with gaming and streaming.

The NEW PC started off as another PREBUILT purchase but the company iBuyPower is SO BAD that I had 4 PCs replaced between Black Friday & the week before Christmas! This company couldnt even install a motherboard properly and all of their stripped down branded parts kept failing, including FOUR bad ASRock z390 Phantom Gaming 4s that were stripped down to save cost and be branded with iBuyPowers name. Once they offered to send me a FIFTH crappy motherboard, I decided that if I was going to have to do all the work myself or ship my new PC all the way across country just for them to load in more crap parts and poor build quality, I may as well just build it all myself. The case they used was WAY too small for an Intel chip and 2080 super, they used a 120mm cooler which wasn't even 120mm because they branded it and covered a huge section of the middle of the radiator with adhesive blocks and stuck it between a mount, basically everything was done poorly. I didnt want to spend anymore time dealing with their HORRIBLE customer service, jerk managers, bad customer support policies, over 11.5 hours on hold and on the phone with them for nothing, etc.

Thus spawned this project and I built this PC without ever previously building a PC from the ground up and it turned out better than all FOUR bad PCs from a "professional" company.

I did wind up having to load the newest Gigabyte BIOS for the Moba to a usb because I couldnt boot into windows and it also wouldnt recognize the Samsung 970 plus nvme m2. After that everything was smooth sailing.

I used Intels Xtreme Performance Mangement Tool to do some of the basic OC tests and first line tweaks to see what the chip and system could handle and once I got the ballpark numbers at 5.0ghz, I manually adjusted a few numbers and scored 2nd for my comparable system setup on HWBOT which I was surprised at but overall happy.

I'll be using the PC for gaming and streaming as well as some new video production projects I have coming up.

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