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by craic


I needed a high performance Linux box for machine learning and bioinformatics.

It had been a few years since I built my own machine so this it was fun to see how things had moved on. A few frustrations along the way for sure - mostly on the software side of things.

The total cost came in around $2,750 - the price of the graphics card has jumped considerably in the past couple of weeks.

Part Reviews


Nice board, but oh so much bling...

One stupid design is the piece of plastic marked 'AMP-UP AUDIO' that prevents you seating the 1080 Ti graphics card - it has no function whatsoever. Fortunately you can unscrew and remove it, then throw it in the bin.


This is my first experience of a M.2 SSD - brilliant!


Very nice case - quiet, well designed and looks great. It has an inverse ATX layout.

Power Supply

Very nice PSU and cables. My only gripes are that the PCI power cable could be an inch or two longer - and they package the unit in a 'velvet' bag, which is a total waste.

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corsails 2 points 12 months ago

your ram gets downclocked to 2666 what a waste of money