Hi guys, after 4 months of hard earning, I finally made my own first self-built PC. I have already owned 2 PCs in the past, but I haven't made my own yet. Already at 19 years of age, I must build myself one. Here are my rationales:

CPU: I was supposedly getting Athlon X4 860K, but multiple online stores are declining my credit card because it is an international card. I have no option but to buy one locally.

CPU Cooler: Hyper T4 is probably my bang-in-the-bucket because of its cheap price, but good performance. It fits well to my mid tower case. At first, locking it was so hard that I realized it was upside-down when I'm locking it, which lead me not to lock it (it fits well without lock, but it won't make good contact with the CPU).

RAM: 4GB is a minimum. Will be buying another 4GB stick 3 weeks after this post is made. HyperX 1866MHz blue fits for a blue-themed rig.

MOBO: MSI A78-G41 PC Mate, the only ATX FM2+ ready budget board I saw on our market. MSI 970 is the next ATX FM2+ board, but it costs roughly $20 more to the PC Mate one.

PSU: Corsair VS450 is my choice because when I'm trying to buy internationally a CX430M, they are declining it. (see above for details)

Case: I traded my a generic Rise 831 case for a Thermaltake v3 Black edition. It doesn't come as much screws, so my side panel screws are 3 6-32 screws and a thumbscrew. (Will buy a set of new thumbscrews)

HDD: I'm using my laptop HDD, 750GB of Seagate. Will upgrade to a single 1TB 3.5".

All-in-all, without overclocking yet, it can play the most games I'm playing. Euro Truck Sim 2 at High, Sniper Elite 2 at Ultra, NBA 2k15 at High. And I'm happy with it. In weeks time, it's time for a bunch of upgrades!

PS: I used my stock cooler because that was a photo shoot to our school magazine. Yes, I'm submitting a build guide.

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Congrats on first build!