So I built this PC a while back, and I thought I should share it because it has served me well.


When it came to picking a processor I was going between both the 4790k and a 5930k for a more future proof build. But at the time I couldn't afford to do a 2011-3 build, especially with the costs of DDR4 at the time. So I went ahead and picked up a 4790k, don't regret it one bit, even if I got a 5930k what will I use it for anyway? at most I am gaming and doing some light rendering, nothing the 4790k can't handle. When it came to ram for an extra 60 dollars why not get another 8 gigs right? I had a big budget anyway.GPU was an easy choice as I had around 900 dollars to spare. I could have picked up two 970's as I heard they where great in SLI. After thorough research I discovered that a single more powerful card is better, therefore I purchased a 980. The RMX850 is a recent addition as my old CX600 blew, will never trust a cheap PSU ever again. Samsung's 850-EVO, what else to say? good performance and storage for the price. Western Digital's 1TB caviar blue, I was really surprised with this thing cheap and quick, and if you set it up correctly you might even be able to compete with an SSD in bios time. The MSI krait motherboard, not the best decision because I thought I was going to get another 980, but for my colour scheme I guess it works well. The H105 was a hard choice, because I was also looking at the h110i, but at the time there was a sale for the H105 so I got that instead. Not disappointed. The H440 is a great case, was eyeing it for a very long time, its cable management capabilities, PSU concealment and clean looks where a large selling point to me. That's really it behind my rationale in obtaining these parts. Just to spice it up a bit I also bought a NZXT 200m Blue LED strip, actually really like the way it turned out.

Future Plans:

  • Get another 980 or wait for 1080ti's. found a 980 g1 gaming for 300 AUD

  • Get 7 Corsair SP120 Performance fans or Corasir Blue LED fans.

  • Get another 2 Monitors. (replace old dell)

  • Get another 2x8 Kit of Corsair V Pro Ram. (It gives me PTSD seeing only 2 slots filled. Don't know why.)

  • Get a Seagate 8tb Archive HDD. (Got a lot of large files, filled up another 3 1TB hdd's.)

  • A dedicated SSD for games.

  • Another desk, timber or a black desk. DONE got a nice white desk :D

  • Get a RGB LED strip for around my new desk.

  • Replace my old M65.

  • New Chair.

  • Was Not here before but I added a new Ethernet and power outlet under my desk.

I'm also looking for any recommendations with my current build or it in the future, feel free to give me any it will be much appreciated.

Thanks for viewing and reading.


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Is the monitor good for PC? I am thinking about buying it and I want to use it for both PC and console.

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Yeah it is great, I use it on my PS4 as well. This monitor is unmatched in terms of what you're getting (24" LED-LCD, 1ms response time) and what you're paying for it. I highly recommend it.