I built this for a coworker just for browsing and perhaps slight gaming. It was my first build and was on a $500 budget. Went with a MicroATX

CPU - I wanted to try a APU on this build so I wouldn't have to worry about choosing a dedicated GPU. Caught it on sale on NCIX so I believe I got lucky for the price.

MOBO - Just needed a simple MOBO to fit the budget. Nothing special but worked fine. Only one CPU fan and one SYS fan header which sucks.

RAM - Went with a single stick just in case he wanted to add more later on. Plus I went with 1866 because I heard APUs need the speed.

HDD - Just something for storage and extra space just in case.

Case - Never built in a Micro ATX case before so I decided to try it. For the price I believe it was a good deal. Although the case has little to no room for cable management in the back of the case, but the buldge in the side panel gives just enough room for the 24pin and some of the 8pin power. The rest of the cables I had to do what I can to keep it tidy. I switched out the rear fan for a 3pin connector one so I can run it to the MOBO. The front LED fan is Molex so I had to deal with it since I had no more fan headers on the MOBO.

PSU - 80+ Bronze, Corsair, and just enough connectors. So it gave me little to no problems.

OS - I spent more on the OS because I was trying to buy a Product Key online since I already had the install disc. Ended up buying one on the Microsoft store for $20 more than I expected, so next time I'll buy a whole disc with the key and let the person have it just in case they want to start over.

Drive - I personally wouldnt need one but I added one just in case my coworker would need to use it.

I may have went overkill on a few parts, but I'm happy with my work. More importantly my coworker loves it, loves the boot time (10secs,) and the speed of everything he throws at it. Any comments would be great. Just be gentle :3


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Nice build but windows for 120$ thats crazy. Thats like 1/4th of your total price.

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Yes like I said in my Description. I was thinking I could just buy a windows key online since I already had an install disc, but buying the key from the Microsoft store was $120. I had ran out of time so I couldn't order a disc with the key as well for $95 bucks. I've learned my lesson.