This is the first build I've done completely solo, from picking out the components to installing the OS. I'm personally very happy with it, it's silent, fast, and has a sleek looking case (Simplicity is a virtue).

There are a couple of things to note about the current configuration though, There's a single USB 3.0 port on the front of the case that is not functional due to insufficient ports on the motherboard, so I must somehow manage with only 8 functioning USB 3.0 ports. The case also has a locking front panel which serves almost no purpose as you can easily slip your finger through one of the holes in the front to reach the power button. Installing the hardware was relatively painless, you will be limited however, with what graphics card you choose due to space limitations (Measure twice, buy once). Also if you choose to use the Wi-fi or Bluetooth functions of the motherboard, you must attach the component prior to installing the motherboard in the case, otherwise you'll be kicking yourself in the butt later when you're forced to take everything apart to take advantage of this awesome feature.

Performance wise, I've never worked on a faster computer. The Intel SSD is the greatest thing ever! Windows boots in less than half the time I've grown accustom to over the years. There's no slow down when running multiple apps, the motherboard supports up to 32 GBs of RAM, but 16 seems to do the job just fine. In the two months I've spent with my computer, It's only crashed once and that was day one just before updating all my drivers. I don't do much gaming, aside from Portal 2 and Super Meat Boy, so I can't claim to have really pushed the graphics card to its limits, but the gaming experience I've had was smooth. I have not over clocked my processor yet, I currently have no reason to. I'm sure that somewhere down the line I'll find some justification to do so though.

I'm also toying around with the idea of getting 16 GB of DDR3 2400 RAM as a future upgrade so if anyone has any experience with that sort of upgrade, I would really like to know if the performance gain would be significant or if I'm just throwing away my money.

And yes, I know my cable management sucks. I will attend to that mess shortly. :)


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Not a bad build. Although I'm not too fond of Nvidia graphics, it seems you've chosen decent parts. How is that Antec case working? Just by looking at the pictures, it doesn't seem like it offers too many cable management options. I'm just curious because I would like to use that case for an upcoming file server project I have planned.

It seems Antec has fallen off the spectrum of computer cases the last few years IMO. They are rather overpriced and rarely ever release a new line of cases.