I built the build for gaming and general computing.

CPU- I was going to go AMD but when the time came to purchase parts it was clear that intel was the way to go. Ended up picking up the 4690k on sale on amazon for about $215 which came out to $230 with tax.

CPU cooler- Originally I was going to purchase the $50 corsair closed loop but I couldn't shake the idea of water leaking into my rig. Most people I know recommend cooler master and I bought the D92 because of the dual fans plus the black metal shroud that faces outward. The look of a gigantic aluminum heat sink atop black and red parts doesn't seem very appealing to me but the D92 looks great and works very well too. When the pc was on top of my desk it my 4690k idled around 28C and never went over 61C under load, under my desk idle temps sit at about 30-32C while load temps still max out around 61C.

Motherboard- I was tempted to purchase the asus sabertooth mark II because it was priced close to the same but the constant recommendations from friends towards asrock as well as all of the extra ports (like dual lan and esata) made me decide to buy the Z97 Pro. Its a great motherboard, setting it up is a breeze and overclocking the cpu, ram, and getting all of your fans adjusted is easy. It comes stock with with 4.4ghz pre set to overclock the 4690k to and I have been running that overclock at a stable 1.23v

Memory- It was a bit pricey but installation was easy and once XMP profile was enabled it was running at 1866mhz. It's and I haven't had any issues so far.

SSD- I bought the PNY because it was a good price and I needed a nice little boot drive. The packaging was very nice and the drive looks pretty cool.

HDD- The seagate was easy to install and runs pretty quick for a hdd.

GPU- I was a little unsure of purchasing an NVIDIA card after issues with my laptop's gt750m and their drivers but due to AMD not having a card better than the 970 in terms of performance, efficiency, and at the price point of around $350 it was clear that the GTX 970 was the way to go. I read reviews everywhere and everyone would just go on and on about how great the 970 is so I figured perhaps NVIDIA had fixed some of there issues with past cards. I haven't even had the card a week yet and all I can say is WOW. It is everything I ever could have asked for in a video card. It runs cool, it looks cool, it is practically silent and it is definitely the best card for the money. For a comparison I had an HD 6970 in the same rig for about 2 weeks and I could run BF4 on ultra and get around 40-50FPS not to mention I could hear it outside of my room...but with the GTX970 I can BF4 on ultra and get on average about 85FPS and I have seen it go as high as 130FPS while gaming in absolute silence...yeah it's awesome.

Case- I could have saved money here but due to an obsession with corsair and the clean look of the obsidian series I bought the 450D. It's a great tower with plenty of room for upgrades and cable management. The front and back panels can be a little difficult to put back on but after some practice its easy. It has rubber grommets which add to the clean look as well as builder friendly features such as screw-less hdd trays and 5.25 bays and thumb screws anywhere and everywhere you would otherwise need a screw driver making installation and removable of parts easy. The magnetic and removable dust mats are a nice feature too. My only complaint is the front panel connector wires for the motherboard (power, reset, power led, and hdd led) are a tad short but that might just be for my motherboard. They reach but I had to run them across the front of motherboard instead of through the back. It looks a tad messy but once the GPU was added they are barely noticeable. Cable management was pretty easy, the back panel fit on a little tight after running the 24pin but that could be due to my inexperience in pc building.

PSU- Fully modular and braided cables make cable management easy and look pretty cool too. Comes in very very nice packaging a long with velcro straps to secure your wires and two bags (one for the psu and one for the cables). Very nice psu and it has a nice texture on the exterior of the unit itself.

OS- Got it free from a friend! Who can beat that price!

Update: Not listed in my specs but I just put in two Corsair SP140 Blue LED fans in the top. Very easy to install, I don't know if they've lowered my temps at all but they look cool! Good quality fans for $30.

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  • 63 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, had the same problem with my front panel audio connector cable being too short on my last build; I went to for mine, you might want to take a look. Nice build, otherwise.

  • 63 months ago
  • 1 point

yep 450d's are sexy and have plenty of room inside, a little lacking behind the mobo tray. I got the asus sabertooth mk II mobo and this case and I maaaanaged to get the cables you were talking about to connect while threading through the back and out one of the lower grommets. Be careful with the front panel, as the clasps are junky and snap easily. I would also recommend a magnetic dust filter for the front, as there isn't any and thus, would suck up the dust. I do not have any knowledge of any dust filters that would fit the 450d, but I'll be figuring that out in a bit. D92 looks sick btw!

  • 62 months ago
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When you say front clasps are you talking about the ones that hold on the front brushed panel over the fans? And I agree a magnetic dust filter on the front would be nice considering they are everywhere else. I've had the build for probably close to a month and a half to two months and the only major dust build up I've noticed is on the front, I bought a can of air so hopefully I can clean it up with that.

  • 62 months ago
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Yes those are the ones i'm talking about. One of mine stopped doing it's job, so I'm gonna take a small hinge and hinge the fan door so that when it closes, the working clasp will actually hold it closed. might paint the hinge black to for appearances sake.

  • 55 months ago
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Hi JThursty, I was just wondering for the motherboard, how is the sound quality coming from the rear panel audio jacks? Is the mic sound quality bad? I heard from the people in newegg that the rear panel audio was bad and I was thinking of getting one of these boards so I'm a bit worried.