So this is actually my second completed build but I neglected to post the first one. This computer was just a spare my mom had that she was just going to throw away or donate. She previously complained that it constantly froze up. I talked to her about making it a backup PC/guest computer in case her main PC dies (she runs a website/makes videos) so that she didn't have to resort to her tablet.

The end goal of this upgrade was to make it feasible for web browsing whilst not spending a lot of money on the upgrade. The only issue(s) I came across was one that was a fault of my own (resolved quickly) and the gigabyte motherboard not having a connector for the HP Multicard reader bay. Oh and I have to say, *** I/O shields. They are easy to put on but a PAIN to take off.

IIRC, the original specs include a P58W-LA Motherboard and 2 320 GB HDDs with Windows Vista. There were 2 GB of RAM, which I believe was upgraded to. Oh, it included a telephone port because those were once a thing. The parts I re-used included the case, CD/DVD drive, and a sunon fan (brand I have never heard of).

I will say there is absolutely no room for cable management so I did the best with what I could. The Windows 7 was free from school

Part Reviews


I chose this CPU because it's a bit above a Core 2 processor and it runs well for what I need it to do. I did keep the stock cooler because there wasn't any reason to put a non-stock. So far it has been quiet.


This motherboard had exactly what I needed for the price range. I have also bought gigabyte motherboards in the past so I felt confident with this choice.


I went with this particular memory to keep the white/black theme as much as I could, although I contradicted that with the visible ketchup and mustard cables. There was no need for 8 GB for what this was going to be used for and the fact I was installing 32-bit.


This SSD will do what I need it to do. Being that I'm using older parts and Wndows 7 32-bit, I wanted to be able to have faster load times. The amount of storage is sufficient as there won't really be anything stored on this PC.

Power Supply

Semi-modular with enough power to do what I wanted this PC to do. It was easy to install and decent if you aren't doing anything demanding (or overclocking).

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  • 47 months ago
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I love this budget build and its cable management, pretty well done!


  • 47 months ago
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Thanks, I wish I had a better way to manage the PSU cable though. I forgot how many updates Windows 7 had (152).

  • 47 months ago
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lol, ya. w7 had a lot