My first build. Mostly for gaming and video/photoshop editing. Works great and so far no bugs nor hiccups.

I'm not that excited about the the graphics card though. If you plan to run multiple monitors (as you should if you have been contemplating a similar parts list) avoid radeon graphics cards, or plan to add 60 bucks to your budget to buy active converters to enable your display ports - hard to find a quality converter that doesn't break within a couple of months.

Anyway, it seems that my graphics card is faulty because i can't even run 2 monitors as of now :(

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  • 79 months ago
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Cable managment needs some work...., I only run one monitor but i have a 3gb 7950 and i have no complaints with it so far and its still running at stock. Enjoy your computer :) and congrats on your build

  • 79 months ago
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Solid, but why not 8320, I've heard it's basically just as capable as the 8350 but like 50 cheaper.

And yeah, the XFX Brand isn't great when it comes to GPU's, I'd RMA it if you can, though generally you can get some good deals on them, how much did you pay for it? Hopefully not what is listed here (310)

Your PSU, are you planning on SLI/XFire, otherwise it's a bit big.

How much did you spend all in total? It's a peeve of mine when budget builds don't list the price they got their items for.

Other than that, zip ties, does that case not have cable management options?

  • 79 months ago
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For that much money on a card u would think u'd get dual displays to work. I have a gtx660 that uses nvidia and its surprisingly powerful. Was only 220 dollars i believe. I was scared to go with a radeon for the reasons u mentioned.

  • 78 months ago
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Hey guys, a quick update:

Turned out that the card was not the issue!! Apologies to the XFX team! I purchased 3 refurbished 27” Samsung monitors off of Newegg. 2 of them were broken believe it or not. Returned them and the Fedex clerk laughed and mentioned that they return about 7 out of every 10 monitors they deliver from that warehouse. :S

So back to the fact that eyefinity requires an active converter for the 3rd monitor, usually connected to a display or minidisplay port. I got one from newegg for about 30 bucks. Let’s see how well it performs/lasts

@Catharist: I picked up the 7950 figuring that it performs better in a 3 monitor setup. I got it for about 220 after rebate, I found out today that the price dropped to 199 (after rebate)

Total cost less monitors was about 850 (with rebates and combos)

Check out photo with monitors up and running! Sweet! I was contemplating 32”x3 or but I was worried that the resolution would be too low for that size.

  • 77 months ago
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I'm thinking about doing a similar build, but I'm concerned about the cooler (the same one you have) interfering with my first ram slot. Did you have any problems with your cooler?

  • 75 months ago
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No Not really! it was a little difficult to secure the plate on top of the processor though! Had to put considerable pressure to be able to screw it on.

No spacial issues though...