Hey Guys !!! Thanks for stopping by !

Here's my beast the 'Powerhouse of Kishkindha'.. This is my upgrade to my E8400 and Asus P5Q-EM with Galaxy OC version of 9800GT of 2007 ! Yes, it has been a reliable and productive machine and it is pretty much running great at what you through at it ! But the sad bit in it is the 4GB Ram that was insufficient for today's gaming and other multi-threaded applications. I thought of giving it a go, just adding another 3x4gb of memory to it, but then I gave it another thought and just went on replacing them.

This is where the search for building my PowerHouse of Kishkindha begun !

Here in India, Oh! Yes, I am from India, a geek myself, a blogger, a philosopher and ofcourse tech enthusiast, with pretty much anything gadget and pc stuff that dominates my world daily.

In India, the Computer Components are on costlier side when comparing to European, American or even some South-East and Middle East Asian Markets. It is costlier by say, atleast $20-$200, depending on what the component it is ! And hence, My PHK (PowerHouse of Kishkindha) build seems costlier than what it would be if I built this in America/Europe and so on.

Story to be continued shortly...

Comments and constructive criticism are welcome ;-) :) :D

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