So this here is my build. Using some good deal hunting it went from a £100 gtx 650ti 2gb ssc and core 2 quad q8200 + 4gb ddr2 800mhz ram setup i bought last year to its current state.

Please note any parts marked 0 came with the original pc cost with the exception of the motherboard (came with the ryzen processor in a bundle) and the monitor as was an office spare gifted to me

Also yes i cannot properly cable manage and i will try to sort out the cables in the next few weeks

Processor: ryzen 5 1600 Why did i choose this? well i was looking around on gumtree and found one listed for £100 with motherboard and cooler. i jumped and went for it knowing that i would need a better cpu for installing windows 10.

Motherboard: gigabyte ab350m gaming 3 Why did i choose this? The motherboard came in the bundle. And well i can't falter the motherboard i have a good solid upgrade path so if i want to stick in a ryzen 5 3600 i can but for now i will stick with my 1600.

Ram: corsair vengeance LPX 2x4gb ddr4 2666mhz Why did i choose this? Well i had some amazon vouchers back in around october time from my birthday so i jumped and ordered this ram kit. Admittedly i ordered the ram before i had even snagged the ryzen bundle. At the time i thought i would just go for it and have it on hand for when i did grab a new processor.

GPU: Aorus gtx 1080 8gb Why did i choose this? Around December time i was looking for gpu's and i found a few gtx 1070's for around £200 i then discovered a gtx 1080 for £250 in my local area and the seller offered to drive to my town. I could have tried to bargain him down but that was a fair price and i was willing to pay. having saved my money and with some Christmas money i met the seller he seemed honest and true and i paid him for the card. honestly i should have checked inside the box but it was a busy area and the box felt weighty. When i did open it the card was inside the box and with a bit of sliding i got it to fit in my case. The card runs great and i don't feel limited in terms of what games i can run like i did with the 650ti.

Storage: 240gb lexar 2.5 inch sata ssd, wd 500gb hdd Why did i choose this? For storage i picked up a 240gb ssd for £27 on sale. Was a good steal on amazon and is now going for £40 ish. Having installed my first ssd i can really recommend it. Booting windows 10 only takes like 10 seconds. And it feels much more responsive than when i was booting windows 7 off a hdd on the orignal pc.

I also had a 500gb wd HDD which i reused from the original build. It is enough for now and i use it to store my steam library. The original pc as it was when i got it also had a 120gb ide drive but that will go to use when i put together an office pc from the spare parts.

PSU: evga 600w psu 80+ rated Why did i choose this? well i chose this because the original psu was from 2009 and at the time i had ordered an rx 580 8gb for £72 (this turned out to be a scam but it was one of those things where the seller was acting genuine. And sometimes you can't tell who is a scammer) The psu is working fine have had no issues with it whatsoever and it does have good ratings. I will pickup an 80+ bronze rated psu at somepoint in the near future as i do think it would be a better option in the long term. But for now this does the job and has the relevant protections you want in a psu.

Case: Antec three hundred ATX case Why did i choose this? Well when i originally purchased the pc it was in this case. I decided to stick with it as it has 2 intake fans at the front and another speed adjustable fan on the top. Although it is a tight case due to the drive bays i did manage to squeeze my new gpu in there. You would not expect to find a 1080 in this case would you? At some point i may replace the case but for now i will continue to use it because well i would rather buy another ram kit than a new budget case.

monitor: iiyama B2483HS 24 inch monitor + adjustable stand. Why did i choose this? To be exact i didn't choose this monitor and infact it was given to me by my dad along with a lenovo keyboard as he said it was office spares. That is a steal for a nice monitor and it looks great in my opinion but maybe if i had a 4k monitor i would think differently of it.

Other components: I picked up a tp link wifi adapter for i think £15 in one of my local stores. It works fine although my internet speeds are quite slow. My broadband provider are looking into this and have given us a 15% discount while they look into the issue.

The dvd drive came with the original system and i kept it in and surprisingly it was very useful as you will find out if you continue reading.

Windows 10: I picked up a windows 10 pro key for £2.99 on ebay and it activated fine. I do wonder how it was sold so cheap but it worked and i have a fully activated windows.

Build issues: I didn't really encounter many issues with my build there were a few various issues.

Issue 1. I didn't plug the power button cable and reset cable into the right slots. This was a tedious one and i thought there was some fault with the motherboard. eventually i figured it out and learnt the motherboard could be jumped by using a screwdriver. I then used this to figure out which pins were for the power button and reset switch connectors.

Issue 2. The 16gb usb stick refused to install windows. Multiple tries with the windows bootable drive creator tool and then rufus. Eventually i got windows 10 pro installed however i had to use a dvd. For this i used an old laptop lying around (will be replaced by the office build im piecing together slowly) i installed the iso then, using rufus created the installer on the dvd. Windows then installed and i could then activate it with the cheap windows key.

Issue 3. Fitting the gpu. I did stress thinking i would have to modify the case to fit it but when i got home with the gpu and tried to fit it i managed to get it in. I had to slide the gpu in and then connect it to the pcie 3 slot. The 6pin cables were a bit fiddly when trying to get them connected but i got them in while being careful not to cause any damage. The card then booted into windows fine and the drivers installed.

Overall review of the build: Honestly for what i got i feel pretty impressed with myself. Firstly i never thought i would end up with a nice system and a gtx 1080 but with some deal hunting here it is. I didn't think i would be spending this kind of money but to be fair for what i got it was worth it. And it runs forza horizon 4 at max settings with 60+ fps whereas before i hadn't even bought the game because i didn't think it could run. I could do with another 8gb of ram and i will pickup another kit but other than that i am gonna have years of enjoyment out of this thing and it should last a few years. Including getting me through university.

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Some good parts there, for sure. In addition to adding memory, I'd look into a faster monitor before worrying about the PSU. If you can pick up a Cryorig M9a cooler for £20-ish at some point, I bet you can crank the 1600 up to 3.6 all-core or maybe a bit more.

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thanks for your reply. Ill think about a new case first so i can actually cable manage. However i first have to find a good deal on a case. Everything else will be fine for now.

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