First custom PC build for graphic design and video editing purposes. I digested lots of YouTube tutorials including many by Paul's Hardware, Linus Tech Tips and JayzTwoCents to help "get the concept" and make some informed choices on parts. I have been a lifelong PC user, but never a builder. Before this, my biggest PC hardware chores were installing RAM or a new sound card, etc.

I took a lengthy 5 months to buy components and then when the last part arrived, I had it together and ready to hit the power switch for the first time after a few careful, slow-paced afternoon sessions of a couple hours each. My paranoia in powering ON for the fist time was intense, but EVERYTHING WORKED! RGB lit up everywhere and I got a post on the first boot -- the BIOS was seeing all the installed parts -- SO relieved! After that, BIOS, hardware driver updates and a Windows 10 Pro install was a breeze!

THIS baby is FAST! Running the OS off of the M.2 drive is insane! Time from power-up to ready-to-go in Windows is about 15 seconds! I was used to about 15 minutes before things were good to go on my old HP Pavilion, circa 2010. It's like being transported into the future, lol!

PCPartPicker was invaluable as a resource for choosing parts!! I may have caught the bug! Although this would make a great gaming PC and my teenage son is watering at the mouth, I am not a gamer, just wanted a FAST machine with no bottlenecks memory and storage-wise! I see some VR adventures in my future now, however...

I didn't plan on getting into the RGB thing, but I sure ended up there, and happy I did. It's like staring into the Engineering Room of the Enterprise, and I love it!

I went with a "Shape of Water" theme as my girlfriend and myself dressed up as the two main characters last year for Halloween and and I had a few of the Pop Funko figures from the movie that I could throw at it. The sea monster was referred to as "The Asset" by the government and this machine will truly be an "Asset" to me and my graphic endeavors in the future!

Happy computing!

Part Reviews


Smokin'! Could've went with a i9 with my motherboard, but the performance is great and the price is great for what you get.

CPU Cooler

Easy install, great performance. Limited RGB abilities, but adequate.


Everything about this motherboard is impressive. I've never overclocked before and this makes it effortless with the overclock dial. Gobs of expandability and easy-to-access headers, etc. Great job, MSI!!


Fast, with nice RGB capabilities.


Unbelievably fast. I would never run an OS on anything less than this type of drive again!


My first SSD. Files load and save lightning quick. Good pricing.


Fast for a HHD. Solid design, quiet, no problems.

Video Card

Problem free install on MSI motherboard. I haven't pushed its abilities yet, but feel confident it's the right fit for my applications with some good future proofing and ability to get into VR applications no problem.


LOVE this case. Looks very slick with tempered glass on all sides. Great airflow and plenty headers on the top look very contemporary.

Power Supply

Twice the power that I need for this system and fully modular to reduce clutter. The RGB effects are not addressable, but it's a nice touch, kind of rare among PSU's. To get airflow flowing out of the case the RGB fan side is facing down, but you can still see the glow there and adds to a RGB setup nicely.


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