This is the latest iteration of my gaming PC, now with the capability to stream 1080p60 at a 6000 bitrate at a medium h.264 preset. Make sure to check me out at

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I went from a Ryzen 1700 to i7-8700k, then now this. The other procs have NOTHING on this guy. At stock settings and a 360mm AIO I was able to stream high movement scenes at 1080p60, 6k bitrate and medium h.264 preset and never once got above 50% CPU usage. This thing is pure, unadulterated madness.

CPU Cooler

I've only had this for a few days, but so far it's been silent and managed to keep my 1950 chilly under heavy load, can't ask for anything more!


This motherboard is a beast. 10G networking? Check. PCI lanes for days? Check. More than adequate power delivery? Check. The only complaint I have is the built in fan control. For a board this size you'd expect more than 3/4 chassis fan headers and the ASRock BIOS fan control leaves a lot of room for improvement. Fortunately, it's not hard to remedy with a SATA powered fan splitter and a custom speedfan profile.


I've never had a problem with G-Skill and I still haven't. This kit worked at 3200Mhz out of the box with no tuning and looks beautiful while doing it.


This is the ultimate drive. I usually split my OS drive from my programs drive, but with this guy I don't need to. This SSD absolutely tears through I/O and is a worthy match to my threadripper and 64G of memory.

Video Card

This is a massively powerful 1080Ti. The only 2 gripes I have are: 1. There are far better aftermarket coolers than what's on here. I ended up replacing the stock thermal pads and paste and it dropped 10C, but still runs a little hot for my liking. 2. Nvidia software in general can get very buggy. I've never had the same issues with AMD, but you can't go wrong with a used 1080Ti, so I went this route instead. Overall, highly recommended if you want a 1080Ti that can pull its own and you can feed it enough air.


Mother of God, this case is the best I've ever used. I'm a Fractal Design fan at heart but I decided to break my 8 case streak with this guy and I'm so glad I did. I have this thing fully loaded with 9 Noctua fans and a top-mounted AIO. The airflow is amazing and now my PC is truly a centerpiece of my office/studio. I honestly can't think of something bad to say about this case.

Power Supply

Not much you can say about a PSU, but this guy has all the right connections, a massive power budget, is absolutely silent (especially on hybrid mode) and looks amazing. If you need tons of power, get it.

Operating System

This is Windows. I still can't believe they charge for an OS that spies on you at every turn, but here we are. Until I can get capture card drivers on Linux, we're stuck here.

Case Fan

These are the quietest 3k RPM fans you can buy. With the white chromax replacement-corner-bits they look great too. Get them if you have the money and a few minutes to set fan curves.


Colors are alright, doesn't use much power and is a good secondary monitor. Nothing to write home about, but is reasonably priced.


I was a firm believer in 4k until I got this monitor, now I can't imagine playing on a non-ultrawide. The 100hz refresh and freesync are icing on an already perfect cake. Lastly, this thing is a STEAL for the current price, can't recommend highly enough.


Best "gaming" keyboard I've had, has decent macro keys, good switches, and now good software. Biggest complaint I have is that it feels really cheap, but actually isn't. Not enough to dock a star, but if you want something premium feeling, I'd look elsewhere.


Best gaming mouse I've had, good back/forward buttons, free throw mouse wheel, powerplay and DPI keys. Pretty light, but not as light at I feel it could be.


These are about as good as you can get without delving into studio monitors. Easy to put on a shelf, but no wall mount functionality or available adapters.


This mousepad lets me charge my mouse while using it and keep it wireless. I haven't ever had to plug my mouse in and the surface is great for gaming. If you have a compatible mouse, get this.


This chair was great when I got it, but it ended up firming up way too much when it was broken in. Now I end up hurting my tailbone when I sit for too long, which isn't a problem in any other chair I've used. Also, the arm rests can't slide back far enough for my taste, so I can't get close enough to my desk.


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Have you tried X264 "slow" by giving it more threads in the X264 options? That's doable on a 1950X if it's the dedicated streaming machine. If you're doing dual system, the 1950X can totally do 1080p with x264 on "slow".

If your channel has guaranteed transcode, you can go as high as 8000kbps.

Also, keep an eye out for the Decklink Quad HDMI card, cause that supports Linux and can take in 4x 4K 60p sources.

  • 4 months ago
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I haven't tried slow yet since I also use this as my gaming PC, at least for now. I wish I had guaranteed transcode, still working my way to partner :D Also, thanks for the tip about the capture card, I'll be adding a bookmark for it now!

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Damn, that is like the sickest name ever

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Thank you!

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This is GORGEOUS!!! Fantastic job!

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How do you have the overall blueish light inside the case? Is that the RGB strip? If so, which brand is it? I want it to glow like that.

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Oh crap, I never even noticed that I missed adding it to the list, it's the Phanteks PH-LEDKT_COMBO, currently going for 14.99 on Newegg. I hooked them right to my motherboard RGB header and just set the color in BIOS.

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They are exactly what I need. I'll buy them. Thanks!

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