My new install of windows 10 needed to be updated, so I used the wifi setup installer from the Gigabyte site first, and then off of the disc when that couldn't see networks. I wound up having to use an old wireless adapter that default windows 10 install has working drivers for. Then I could update windows.

After uninstalling the Gigabyte's wifi drivers later on I saw networks on the motherboard's wifi adapter finally. I think I still had the old usb adapter in and connected at the time, and that windows probably downloaded a "Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9260" driver according to device manager. That's what I'm still using since it works great.

You may need an up to date windows ISO to install from , or to be able to connect to the internet another way before being able to get the onboard wifi working properly from the motherboard. Once it works though it's pretty great.

The only other issue was entering a boot loop using XMP on the memory, but I can set it to 3200 (leaving the timings all on auto and the voltage) and it works fine that way. There is a Ryzen DRAM calculator on a forum that you can google and it should be up to date by now. You could get tighter timings off of it if you don't mind writing all of the settings down and punching them all into the bios. It would be a hit or miss, and will possibly require many different sets of timings tested to get it running and stable. I'm lazy so I won't do that unless I find the need to.

The cpu is quite a beast, and the biggest a game has needed to work it so far was in the mid 30%s of total usage on a well threaded game but it generally hangs in the mid 20%s or maybe low 30%s on well threaded games Like Battlefront 2 or Far Cry 5. The higher usage came from GTA 5's Self-Radio which still bumps it up about 7-8% usage even on this computer. On outdated games like eso (summerset beta is Still using only core) or defiance (yup even the 'new' defiance) that use just a single core it's still lightyears ahead in fps than the i5-2500k I was using. I plan to stop playing outdated games like those though, it's 2018 not 2008.

It runs great in the overworld on BotW on Cemu, though I haven't tested it too much yet so I don't know how frequent that would be. It typically stays in the 40s for me though in the overworld on my settings, sometimes dipping between high 30s and going up into the high 50s. I think I could settle on a 45 fps mod in the cemu graphics packs after some more play to see. That's pretty good BotW frames in Cemu for now.

The case is keeping everything really cool so far, I have the second HDD Cage removed and left the two fans that came with it in their default positions and added a pair of 120mm on the top panel. It seems to be working great so far, but summer is on the way so I will be on the lookout for changes.

The chassis sales page said there were two spaces to place an SSD bracket (one comes with, others cost around 5 bucks a piece) but actually on the tempered glass side behind the HDD Cages there are slots for two more placements of SSD brackets. One of those is actually where I placed my SSD so that I could run a second Sata cable from the PSU to it hitting the Optical Drive on the way. (a very old optical drive, I only used it for window sinstalls/repairs and backtrack/kali live once in a while for the most part but may get a bluray one down the road for data backup). This leaves my third Sata power cable free for possible future use with the 2 SSD brackets behind the motherboard. The first Sata cable is used for three HDD in the lower HDD cage that I left in the chassis. A fourth HDD is using one of my rosewill usb 2.0 external enclosures with it's own power adapter. I use it mostly to back up old tv series and old movies and that's the 2TB drive. I have a 3.0 usb hub that I ggrabbed recently for 12 bucks off of newegg as well, just stored in case of future need as I get more drives.

You could place 3 , maybe 4 SSD brackets in the case not counting the HDD cage, which is very quick and easy to place a HDD in securely btw. You'd need to buy the other 2 or 3 SSD brackets, but they're on newegg and cost about the same as other brackets I bought in the past. Just make sure they are compatible with the case of course, that you get the right ones. Also, cable management is easy with the pockets conveniently placed everywhere to run the cords through and nice velcro strands built-in behind the board to keep cables tidy back there.

The gpu is running pretty cool usually, but I used some canned air on it before moving it over on to this build though and I only play on 21:9 1080p usually. The 1070Ti is a good 1440p card, so I am considering a 1440p monitor down the road if I see a good discount on one. I would then swap between the screens depending on how a game would run down the road.

This is the first build I picked out, and put together myself. I usually had my brother doing it for me, though over the years I did things like replacing a power supply, ram gpus etc. But I hadn't read into and picked out every single component, and assembled them from scratch in a complete build myself until now. So this is my PC Gamer right of passage I reckon, now I am truly a member of the Master Race.

UPDATE: September 1st 2018 The Seagate 500GB died (managed to move most of the files I hadn't already backed up off of it and they are intact thankfully) so I now have the Toshiba x300 5TB 7200RPM 128MB cache on the way and got it for $113 on NewEgg due to them having both a sale on it and a coupon code that knocked it down to that price before checkout, plus about 5 for shipping bringing it up to around $118.51 iirc. I will install a ton of my backlog from steam once it gets here just for the hell of it I reckon since I have most of my important media and some older isos backed up on a usb drive already and can use the couple of 1TB drives to be switched into storage themselves to dupe some of the more important media and isos between them for extra security. God forbid ransomware should strike me after all this rearranging and once I've gotten a couple or few TB of games installed onto the new drive gott dangit. That would be the darkest timeline surely.

UPDATE: November 19th 2018 I bought a 4K TCL HDR TV back in October, since I was grabbing a Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro bundle. A couple of days ago (On Friday) I removed the Zotac 1070Ti Mini and stored it back in it's original packaging and replaced it with an MSI RTX 2080 Duke OC. Back in May, not longer after I originally built this PC, I also hooked up a Lenuvo Explorer WMR Headset. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that in here. Pron would never be the same after that. I'm now using an HDMI 2 cable to plug into the TV, and run at a desktop resolution of 3840x2160 @60Hz on the TCL TV.

Don't forget to manually set the DRAM to 1.35V on this board if going above 2933 (using 3200 right now) or you will get errors and corruption of files, the board will default at 1.2V on DRAM so when doing defaults before a BIOS update remember to set the DRAM voltage back to 1.35V after before putting all your other settings back into place


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