First brand new build in 3 years. I have done a lot of upgrading but haven't build a system from the ground up in quite some time. Nervous as hell but everything went well.

Corsair case is awesome for cable management. My last build looked like a rat's nest. I had to add an internal USB header extension to the back of the case to be able to hook up all of the case USB headers Also had to get a USB 3.0 header-external male adapter as the case has an external usb connection while the Sabretooth Z87 has an internal USB 3.0 header. No biggie, found one for 12 bucks on amazon.

The H100i cooler is a beast. It makes little to no noise and my CPU is cool and happy. EVGA GTX 760 was DOA but EVGA's customer support rocked and I got a new one 2 days after they paid for my return. Planning on throwing in another GTX 760 for some SLI but as of now the system performs extremely well and all of my games are running on ultra settings with 50-60 FPS average.

This is mostly a gaming machine and I am playing with the overclocking capabilities of my system, have to say it is much easier than using the BIOS of the past. UEFI BIOS is pretty darn cool. I'm a semi-experienced builder/hobbyist, have to say overclocking is much less intimidating these days when compared to 10 years ago (I'm in my mid 30's).

Anyway, please don't tell me this is overkill or I spent too much money, I budgeted and planned and lurked reddit buildapc, tomshardware and the pcpartpicker forums as well. The only thing I would have done differently now looking back is purchasing a better GPU and waiting for the newegg processor/mobo combo sale, as I missed it the first time around.

Also, I absolutely love my Razer keyboard and mouse. The mechanical keyboard is solid and the mouse is extremely comfortable for gaming and general computer use. I hear a lot of people talk trash about Razer products but i also read some decent reviews. I'll be my own judge on this one.

I knew well in advance I was going to spend a good amount of money for a gaming machine and I am totally okay with that. My reasoning: I wanted to build a system I can upgrade, while still having some decent hardware & peripherals to start.

I'm already looking to build my first micro-atx build, those Bitfenix cases are sweet. Cheers!

Build update Fall/Winter 2014:

Added NZXT GPU Bracket, Installed Corsair H55 Cooler, GTX 760 is now under water. I also added a second Samsung 840 Pro for resource intensive games. Also installed WD Black 4TB drive for media and game storage. Per the pricing below, looks like I managed to throw another $650-700 on my rig since last summer. Almost time for that new build!


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Great build and nice pics! +1

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Nice looking build JDizzle.