I use this build for gaming in 2k. it runs most games maxed out at 2k with 60 or above average fps... I have also added Blue LED lights for inside of the case to lighten it up.


  • 47 months ago
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+1! Awesome build man, I really like how the blue looks. I'm actually looking to purchase this case in the near future, how easy was it to build in? Cable management-wise and what not.

  • 46 months ago
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Thanks! It's a great case! I'm definitely going to be keeping it for future upgrades and what not. Cable management is great. The case has little velcro straps on the back to help keep the smaller cables organized, there is even two slots on the back to put ssds so you can keep them out of sight . I only had one issue with screws for the mother board. When I was screwing the mother board into the case the screw slots in the case started to spin. I grabbed pliers to hold them down to screw the screws in properly. This only happened to two screws, and other people I have talked to did not have this issue. The only thing I do not like about this case would be the little disk light on the front panel/top part of the case. The light is super bright and flashes very quick. On the first night of me building my pc I put black electric tape over it. Problem fixed lol. Overall it's a great case and I strongly recommend it!

  • 45 months ago
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I really love the way the lights look! I'm looking to put LEDs in my case, what did you use?

  • 45 months ago
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Thank you! For the fans I used Corsair Air Series AF140 LED Quiet Edition, and I also used a BitFenix BFA-ACL-30BK15-RP 30cm 15 LEDs Alchemy LED Connect Lit Strip for a more brighter LED look in the case. The blue LED fans make it a nice dark blue, while the led strip brightens the case up. I really like how it looks, but the light will look slightly purple if it is reflecting off anything tan or brown lol. Here are the links on


LED Strip