just my daily driver. took about 6 months to get all the parts, starting with the barebones cpu/mobo/ram, and slowly got the rest of the parts to beef it up. was running on a poopy 550w unbranded psu for almost 7 months, so I'm glad it didn't blow up. also i had to get the 212 in the first month because even out of a case, the stock cooler wasn't keeping my 8350 cool enough to run games(even after re-seating it multiple times).

but now its pretty much at it's prime. might throw in another r9 290 some day, but since i got mine on sale for 249, they've gone up in price a lot. so that is likely months away.

1600+ on heaven benchmark. runs almost all games maxed, a few games dont play well with the 8350. even overclocked to 4.6 to 4.8

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  • 63 months ago
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Nice Build

  • 58 months ago
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what are your temps like?