Ok so-- I am going to start by saying this is a sorta silly build with three purpose in mind: looking decent, being able to play comp games that aren't frustrating with a controller, and watch movies (all at the oh-so-HIGH resolution of 720p, on a free 56inch TV that my gf's dad bought us without consulting me first). Its a little more than a year old, but I just cleaned it so i thought I'd show it off.

The case is still being sold on amazon, and there are not many pictures online so I thought i'd post. Some of the parts are recycled (CPU, drive, little exhaust fan in the back) from other builds but I did include the original prices since they all were purchased online.

You can certainly see that this is not an ideal computer but it serves its purpose VERY well. I can play skyrim, fallout, lots of things that use controllers since I already have gaming pcs for real games.

I do not recommend building with an expensive apu-- you do not get great performance for the price. I just think they are a neat concept, wanted one, and performance obviously was not the goal in this situation.

The case is quite pretty and I probably will throw some upgrades at it in a few years, or move it to one of the other rooms with a tv for the same purpose. Its close to silent (may upgrade the fans when... i get less lazy), runs very cool, and just works. It also has dust filters on all 3 fans, although they are a pain in the *** to remove (4 screws in plastic). I use a shop-vac.

The keyboard is very neat and even has a laser pointer. Rechargeable laser pointer has changed my life, since I own many cats. Good range, cheap, and you get used to it quickly. You can remote in with a laptop if you have to really do something super serious (or plug in a mouse and keyboard).

I use wireless xbox 360 controllers for the games that support them (why not, they're pretty nice).


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I have a very similar build with the same processor, cooler, and case, but I'm getting some very high CPU temps lately (100* F+) when idling. Is that something you have run into?

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I hope you use your shop-vac on the fan dust filters, and not on the guts of your PC. You know, because of static buildup.