I recently upgraded from an i7 3770k build that I put together about 7 years ago. The only thing that I upgraded on that rig was the GPU to a GTX 1080. For my new build, I was highly considering going for a Ryzen 3900x for some 12 core goodness. I thought it would be great for labbing with my VMs, EVE-NG, and also great for gaming. Two things prevented me from doing so. At this time, unfortunately, AMD does not support nested virtualization. EVE-NG, which is the emulated virtual environment I mostly use for labbing, only supports Intel's CPU VT-x/EPT virtualization technology. Intel's VT-x and VT-d still appear to be more feature rich than AMD-V and AMDs IOMMU support. If you're running Xen/HypV/ESX clusters you'll need Intel for proper support. This is a shame because I would have loved to use the extra cores on a Ryzen. I'm sure it's a matter of time before AMD get's the proper virtualization support it deserves. The second reason, is because I am extremely fortunate enough to have an amazing best friend that recently gifted me an i9 9900KF. And just like that, it's as if an Intel build had been decided for me.

Building in the Lian Li Dynamic XL was a dream. So much space to build in. Unfortunately, due to a recent job change, I did not have the time to properly research and plan my custom watercooling loop. For right now, I'm using Deepcool's Castle 360EX AIO until I have some more down time to properly plan out the loop (I know, an AIO does this case a disservice). With that said, I do have to note that I am pretty impressed with this AIO. The CPU idles at around 30 degrees celcius and stays well below 60 degrees when gaming @ 5Ghz. I will certainly be getting EK's distro plate and going hardline with 90 degree fittings instead of manually heating the bends. This PC turned out great. Gaming has been jawdropping and the PC is extremely fast. If you're building anything similar to this or have any questions feel free to ask. I've always loved our PC community in terms of how helpful, passionate, and supportive people can be. I intend to do my best to reciprocate the love. Thanks for reading my build post.

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This is beautiful!

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Thank you so much!

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Wow. This PC looks amazing. I am also looking to buy a Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL to build a PC in. It looks great and has so much space to do what you please. Your CPU is the best Intel sided one so far (as 10th Gen is not fully out and isn't great), although I am going for a Ryzen 9 3900x, which I will OC to 4.6GHz or the highest clock I can get, since I needed more than 8 cores for everything I do. The Ryzen 9 3950x did pop up, but I thought that the price was a tad too much. How was the 2080 Ti holding up for you? I have been looking around this, but unsure whether to get a 2080 Ti or a Zotac 2080 Super AMP Extreme, which has on-par performance to the Ti. Also, I'd like to talk about the 1-up on storage. 8TB on 2.5 SSD alone?! For the things I see that you are doing, I'd recommend getting a Gen4 M.2 SSD, or a 2TB 970 EVO Plus. The only thing that was out to me, was the cable extensions, I see that they are black and red. Ascetics may not be your thing, but I saw no other red, so it looked a bit off seeing these color, I would choose fully black cables to blend in with the other components. Fantastic PC overall, this should be a fast PC for the next few years!

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You will absolutely love building in the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL. Sooo much space. I also love the lack of a PSU shroud on the motherboard side of the case. The hot swappable SSD bays are FANTASTIC. Love being able to add or remove drives in a pinch (this was also one of the reasons with going with the 2.5" SSDs). I do have to mention that I needed to get a bit creative with managing both Fan RGB controllers for the TT Ring Triios. I managed to use double sided tape to secure them on the inner side panel and it worked like a charm. I'm so glad that I went with Thermaltake fans as you only need to worry about 2 cables for each fan and the lengths are very manageable. For the high end Corsair fans you need to plug in 3 cables for each fan and the cable lengths are ungodly. I don't know how I would have been able to tuck all that cabling in the back (with all the cabling from all the other components that you already have to deal with) so be cautious if you are eyeing a build with several of those fans.

OooO a Ryzen 9 3900X build would be so beast! I am anxiously anticipating your build mate! Would love to see picture when you're done :). The 2080Ti is a monster and worth every penny in my opinion. It really comes down to the monitor that you're driving. For me, I utilize every bit of performance to drive the Asus PG35VQ. In terms of the RTX2080 Ti, out of over 15 years of PC gaming, I've never experienced anything quite like it. Recently, I've been gaming with HDR 1000 at high refresh rates and OMG is it a game changer in certain titles. Couple this with ray tracing on certain titles and you're in for a treat. If an HDR1000 display isnt really accessible to you, no worries, it's still a pleasure to be able to run everything fully maxed out with high refresh rates on whatever monitor is. However, you can't go wrong with a 2080 if you want to save some cash. I think that ultimately you should decide on which GPU to go for depending on what monitor you're driving and what titles you're playing. If you play triple A titles and you're driving a 1440p or 4k high refresh rate monitor (and especially if you plan on running ray tracing while using these monitors) I would highly recommend the Ti. Of course the 2080 will still be able to run them, but the Ti will really help provide that extra performance if you're into the high refresh stuff. If you're running 4k at 60 FPS of 1440p at say 120Hz I would say the 2080 is perfectly suitable.

Haha yeah man, I went with an all SSD build. You certainly make a good point in the added performance with M.2s over the 2.5 SSDs alone. I will definitely be getting a 4TB M.2 once prices fall off a little bit. For right now, the 4TB 860 Evo is handling everything like a champ.

Yeah, I have to agree with the cable extensions. There wasn't too many options with pro version of the cable mod kit for Seasonic PSUs. I almost went with one of their custom sleeve options but I wanted to take advantage of the holiday break to get my build completed. You're right that the black cable sleeves would certainly blend in better with the currently build but I guess I wanted to add a bit of flair instead of the all black. My thought was that since pretty much everything is RGB, including my fans, sticks of ram, and motherboard LEDs, I figured I could easily add touches of red with lighting accents. For right now, I have an all white and black build and you're right that the red is a little off! lol. I will add some red lighting soon! Good looking out. Thanks again for all your comments and suggestions. I hope to one day see your 3900x build on here!