Thank you to all the builders and comments on this site! After absorbing your knowledge, I have built my first computer! I mainly play League of Legends, so I didn't need ultra high performance. I wanted it to run at top settings and also be able to play any games friends may be playing.

Originally I was going to save cost with a Ryzen 5 2600, but I decided on the 3600 because it seems to be hitting benchmarks. I wanted to use a 570 chip-set just because its ready for a 3rd series AMD chip and I do not have an older chip to use for updating BIOS on older boards. Also because its newer, it may be relevant longer? I was thinking I could upgrade the chip someday but now I don't think that will be necessary! I am highly impressed with the speed of this computer.

In CS-GO I'm getting 150+ FPS at 2560x1440, so far I only have 60 refresh rate because I only have an HDMI cable. CS-GO can push the CPU up to 30% and 60 degrees. The GPU at 99% can get up to 78 degrees.

I plan to add 2 fans to the front of the case to increase airflow. The two exhaust fans pull a good amount of air but overall it is pretty loud. The volume of the fans isn't a problem but the ramping up and down is noticeable. I may upgrade the CPU stock fan to bring the noise down. The GPU is the bottleneck of this system and could be upgraded, but its doing great and was an exceptional value!

I found the decals on Ebay and Redbubble. Also added a GPU brace from UpHere ($10 on Amazon) Let me know what you think!

Update: I added two 140mm fans to the front for better airflow, and changed the rear 120mm NZXT case fan to a 120mm Corsair LL120 RGB. I did this 120mm fan swap just for looks, however I have found that the corsair fans have a lower tone to the airflow sound and I like the sound better now. With all 4 fans running the noise is also more constant. Also note: The 120 mm NZXT case fan on the top is starting to rattle sometimes. I am less than impressed and planning to replace it with a 140mm fan.

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  • 5 months ago
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You can get Windows for free and if you don't want to do that you can get a key for $15. Free Windows and remove the RX580 for a 1660Ti and it's only $20 more than the build you just did.

  • 4 months ago
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Yes, the video card is the slowest part of this computer for sure!

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