First build, a hackintosh! Price listed below is actually more than I paid. I got a few bundle deals, coupons, microcenter's $50 off Z77 with Intel CPU deal, and lastly I converted a ton of credit card points into Amazon credit. So my out of pocket cost wasn't too bad.

Build parameters:

Small footprint & unique, mac-like aesthetics: Silverstone FT03 mATX case.

Very quiet: Noiseblocker fans, WD green HDDs, SSDs, PSU is fanless until high draw, ASUS DCII card is very quiet.

Good performance: i7 3770K OC'd to 4.2 GHz, GTX 670 card with mild OC, 16GB ram, 240GB primary SSD, Venomous X cooler. EDIT: dusted, improved cable management, switched fans around, etc. and in Windows running Prime95 on all eight threads my max temps decreased to 57°C! Yet in OS X, it reaches 64°C? Odd. Well within my preferences though.

Build status: complete!

Edit: FULL BUILD THREAD including hackintosh details at


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Very interesting build.

Out of curiosity, how simple was it to set up your Hackintosh OS?

  • 80 months ago
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Easier than I expected, still had its share of confusing moments. The guideline I've settled on is "are you that guy?" Are you the guy who fixes or debugs computer-related things when they stop working? The one that your family turns to to set up hardware or software? The one who reads manuals, explores menus, etc.? If you are, you can definitely do a hackintosh. You don't have to be a programmer or a computer wiz, just a typical geek. ;-) Actually, I'd say if you can build a PC you can set up a Hackintosh...

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nice pics! I really like this case

  • 80 months ago
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Thanks! I like it too, but it's very quirky (in a functional/build sense) and not for everyone. If I did it over I'd be tempted to get a Bitfenix Prodigy, which would make drive swapping easier (not that I've had to do that much, just a bit of fiddling while setting up my hackintosh) and still include everything I need. But this one is undeniably sexy!

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Super late comment, but I was looking at builds with this case and yours looks beautiful. Great pictures, I can't wait to build my own with this case!

  • 65 months ago
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Thanks! Good luck on your build.

  • 72 months ago
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Well done on the getting everything into the case at-all

  • 72 months ago
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Thanks! It was a challenge but the FT03 is pretty roomy for mATX. Since this build I've actually improved the cable routing significantly.

  • 22 months ago
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How are the temps on the GPU vs what you expected? I have an msi gaming x card and am considering changing my case but have heard you want a blower style card

  • 7 months ago
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What about GPU temps? i have a open air GPU, i wonder how this case manage gpu temps

  • 86 months ago
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Dat CPU... 70 degrees! you NEED a new Cooler!

  • 85 months ago
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What are you talking about? 70°C at max stress test load (prime95 on all eight cores, 4.2 GHz overclock) in an ambient environment of 25°C for a 3770K is pretty good, especially on air. And this is done with virtually no noise - running at only 1100 RPM at max CPU. At idle, it runs 400 RPM and 33°C - that's only 8°C over ambient, and at that RPM it's inaudible. I am extremely happy with this cooler. I'd much rather run at 70°C on a silent air cooler, which is significantly within spec for heat, than needlessly run at 65°C on a louder water cooling setup. Noise is more important to me than a few °C at the top end, when I'm already running more than cool enough.

EDIT: and now after swapping the position of a couple fans I am getting load temps of 64°C... pretty good. Now I need to work on my GPU cooling, which isn't so great. Specifically, I took out the 80mm exhaust fan to tinker with CPU fans, but the GPU now pushes 84°C at full load with a mild OC. Going to figure out a way to shoehorn that fan back in there.

EDIT2: improved cable management, dusted, swapped fans some more, now Prime95 in Win7 on all eight threads yields a max of 57°C! Yet Prime95 in OS X reaches 64°C, which is still good, but odd. Not sure why. GPU also improved, 77°C max. Getting better!

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Whoops! I was rather tired when I posted that... Derp!

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Hey! I need to turn on email notifications, had no idea you'd posted. Detailed build report is here: