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Very hot processor that does its job. I don't suggest the stock cooler because it barely keeps it cool under-load or idle when no overclock is added in.

CPU Cooler

Stupid easy and stupid good looking for the price. I'd suggest this over the 212 Evo. The installation is easier and temps are slightly lover. I also love the look of it, well worth the 10 more bucks!


A SLI compatible board that doesn't come with a SLI bridge? I thought it would but I guess not. It works, I dont plan on OC'ing it, only got for the black and white look for the build. Also it didn't come with a front panel connector adapter.

Video Card

A definite upgrade from a 750 Ti, good performance for the price. It stays cool and only audible when fans go <50% fan speed


Mine came in with light brown smudges on the front panel and I'm not sure if the lights are working, only the power light is functioning. EDIT 8/22/16 : Connectors for the LED were tucked a bit behind all the cables from my PSU, plugged them in and they're working!

Power Supply

Does what a PSU does. Though it has a hum that's easily heard from my seat.

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