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Angry Box

by JasonCHill



Date Published

Oct. 11, 2017

Date Built

Oct. 2, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3.8 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

38.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

70.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.506 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8.108 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

35.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

63.0° C


After building a few budget systems, this was my first go at one with pricier parts with some thought put into aesthetics.

All comments are completely stock with the exception of enabling XMP.

I hate, mean I HATE, big 'ol air coolers. I don't get how in this day and age the best we can do is come up with a tower of metal and plastic that looks slapped on. I hate them. While a water cooler takes care of this issue, I was hoping to just wait a bit to get a EKWB kit rather than just a generic AIO. When I saw the Cryorig I was in business - I could cool my system adequately without slapping something on my board that looks something that came off a bad hillbilly 70s muscle car after a too-long amphetamine binge. And for aesthetics I couldn't be more pleased, it is small and elegant. Sound is non-issue, I did have a 'rubbing' sound at first but that was addressed with some adjustment and re tightening.

Performance, however, is nothing to cheer about but not crazy unreasonable either when taking into account how small it is. Idle is about 35 - 39 C. On a 5 minute XTU CPU stress test, the 7600K hits 99% utilization, 4.22 GHz and gets into the low 70s C. That isn't great in-and-of-itself, but for the size of this cooler and how quite it is I am not displeased. It is also right on par with this benchmark.

Obviously I am not going to be overclocking and cranking this to 11, but for what it is and what I paid for it I would recommend it for someone looking for a small, sleek cooler.

Everything else is as one would expect - no surprises. Here (again, at complete stock) are some numbers:

CPU XTU Benchmark 5 minutes - 1145 Marks 4.22 GHz max freq. 74 C max temp.

GPU Unigine Valley 1920x1080 4xAA - 116.1 FPS 4858 Score 31.0 Min 219.9 Max

Unigine Heaven 1920x1080 4xAA - 130.1 FPS 3276 Score 38.1 Min 252.5 Max

Unigine Superposition 1920x1080 High - 68.9 FPS 9220 Score 55.9 Min 83.9 Max

3DMark Time Spy (free one, forget the setting name) - 5778

3DMark Fire Strike (free one, forget the setting name) - 14691

All-in-all pretty darn satisfied with out of the box, throw in the case and boot it up. Oh, on that note the Corsair MP500 is wicked fast. After a few days with this bad boy, at work (with a SATA III SSD), the 12 - 15 second boot/login process feels like forever!

Not sure how these completed builds work but once I get some water cooling in here and start trying to push the system, I will try to update.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Super small, nice and quiet. Not a super cooler and not for OCing, but can't complain for the package and price.


Solid. 3 M.2, very nice. Plenty of USB 3, very nice. Nice error code/temp read out. CMOS reset button (no shenanigans required to reset). Removed the M.2 heat shield/spreader thing based on some research I have seen that indicates it can drive up heat.

Little less 'cool plastic' and no heat gimmick and its a 5 out of 5.


Its pretty and its fast. Have had no issues with the G.Skill software as I have heard others have. Kinda fiddly to get it exactly the way you want but its cool once you get it.


Not sure if this actually deserves a 5 star rating or if I am just giving 5 stars to any old thing as I have never experienced this kinda speed. It makes my SSD at work look like a jalopy. I love this thing.


Super happy. Easy to work with, well thought out, user-focused. Its minimalistic, sleek and sexy and I can't wait to get a water loop in this thing.

Better design for picking it up and its a 5 star. I would have given 4.5 if that was an option.

Power Supply

It does the volts and wattage stuffs.

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customgtp 23 Builds 2 points 15 months ago

Doesn't look too angry +1

JasonCHill submitter 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

After 3 minutes of staring at the keyboard trying to come up with a super cool and unique name, I decided I had better things to do and settled on red == angry.