Badass computer ****** name. I started this computer over a year ago with a ****** case and an amd CPU. I have slowly upgraded this build to what you see now. I am currently in the process of overclocking it and cannot wait to see what I can push it to. Let me know what you think and what I should upgrade next!

Part Reviews


An overall great CPU! My computer is lightning quick and I have no issues with streaming multiple 1080p streams with transcoding and playing highly demanding games at the same time! I also currently have this overclocked to 4.8 GHZ stable!

Pros - Really fast -multi tasking -HD Streaming -Easy to OC

Cons -Gets really hot really quick when adding more voltage. -not much of a performance increase from the Skylake I7 - 6700k

CPU Cooler

JUST WOW! This thing keeps my CPU super cool and quiet! My I7 overclocked to 4.8 GHZ under no load will sit at 30-35 degrees Celsius and under full load will sit at 65 degrees Celsius! IT is also really easy to control the fan speeds and has different fan profiles as well as a custom profile you can make! You also have the full color wheel to make the NZXT lettering on the actual cooler whatever color you want! IT also comes with CAM software to monior the CPU, RAM and GPU!

PROS -Easy Set up -keeps cpu really cool -QUIET -CAM program to monior everything inside your system!

CONS -CAM Software is a little bulky and a little slow to start up.


I simply love this motherboard. The first one I actually got was DOA but sometimes that just happens with computer components. I got it quickly RMA'd through newegg and began putting the new one in! It has all the features you could every want in a board. Really great looking BIOS and extremely east to overclock! IT also comes with a program called command center that lets you overclock your system from the actual OS! IT also has the super easy switch that has preset OC settings for people who don't want to mess with the bios!

PROS -Easy to OC -Great features -Easy to match with any build since you can change the color of the LEDs on the board

CONS -first one was DOA -A little expensive


Not much to say about RAM. This works and it works very well! I have mine OCd to 3200 stable! Perfect color to match my build!

Video Card

I upgraded to this from an RX480. THis blows every game out of the water. I play the witcher 3 on the highest setting and 1080 and still get way over 60 FPS. I will be upgrading to a 1440 monitor soon and I cannot wait to see how it performs! My only grips is I wish you could change the color of the EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1070 on the card. Its that green color and clashes with my blue build. But I am really just splitting hairs on that!


This case is awesome and looks great! I am not a fan of huge gaudy cases. This case looks super clean and minimalist but has all the features you can want. I have a 280mm radiator on the top and it fits perfect. There is plenty of space for cable routing and I was able to route LEDs around the case as well! I love the fan hub just make sure you plug it into a PWM header. The first mobo I put in here had no PWM header so it did not work. IF your mobo doesn't have a PWM header you can plug in into your CPU fan head and plug your CPU fan into the hub. I did this until I bought my new motherboard!

PROS -Looks great -plenty of room -great airflow -fan hub

Cons -Fan hub can only plug into PWM header

Power Supply

Great power supply! I wanted two CPU EPS connectors since my motherboard had 2 EPS connector headers! Give plenty of clean stable and constant power for overclocking both my GPU and CPU!


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I have her OCd to 4.8 GHZ stable

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Did you put 3x140mm fans in the front? If so, how did you fit them and are you having any vibration issues?

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No I put 2 140s and 1 120. The 120 didn't really fit but i fabricated a bracket and put it in there so it would fit. No vibration issues at all

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