Edit 1/26/2020: Replaced case fans as the ones I had started dying after only 6 days. Salvaged a 2TB hard drive from a laptop.

I've been exclusively using laptops my whole life and recently decided to change that. Now, I'm not exactly a fan of Facebook, but the marketplace is a different story. Thanks to it I managed to snag the 1080 Ti new for only $415, and the keyboard used for only $54, bringing the final price for this build to only $1160 including new monitor. I also used Facebook Marketplace to sell some old laptops to partially fund the build. Thus, although not every component comes from Facebook Marketplace, I decided to name this build the Facebook Marketplace build.

As for the hardware itself: I watched plenty of "first time builder" guides and "beginner tips" videos, yet none of them mentioned how terrifying installing the CPU heatsink could possibly be! I got the mount position wrong twice and didn't know how to screw it in evenly until one frustrated Google session later. Thanks, heroic forum user! At one point, when I took it off to retry, a bit of thermal paste dripped into the DIMM slots! I thought I had possibly killed my motherboard, but after thoroughly scrubbing it an electric toothbrush soaked in isopropyl alcohol, the RAM worked without any issue. My heart, on the other hand...

Everything else went fairly smoothly. For my fellow beginners I definitely recommend getting a semi-modular or modular PSU, as that combined with the built in cable management of the Carbide 275R made building the PC much easier than I was expecting. The mouse is a few years old but still works great and supports 1 kHz polling, so I see no reason to replace. The Acer monitor is very old and I found it sitting around gathering dust, but works great as a second monitor for Discord/Spotify/OBS. The tower itself has a little RGB - I'm a big fan of the aesthetic value of conservative RGB usage, but there's definitely such a thing as too much.

Thanks for taking the time to read! This isn't the best build out there, nor is it the best first build out there, but it's mine and I'm proud of it! It's a mindblowing upgrade from trying to game on a mobile GTX 1050.

Part Reviews


Really great motherboard especially for the price point, was shocked to see onboard audio supports up to 192 kHz 24 bit! Performing far above expectations.


I've seen a lot of suspicion around OLOy memory online, and it's understandable considering the brand is a no-name, but these modules work great, running at 3733MHz with absolutely no problems, and look great to boot. Seamlessly integrates with MSI Mystic Light. I'll personally vouch for OLOy any time the discussion arises.


Performing as expected. TLC flash rather than QLC is a nice bonus, albeit one that I paid for.

Video Card

Still an absolute beast in 2020!


Really easy to build in even for a first timer!

Power Supply

Everything's great except two things that bug me - the PCIe power cables bulge out a bit and press against the side window of the case, which doesn't look so great. Also dislike that the only SATA cable is a daisy chain of 4, while I have only 1 SATA device, making cable management unnecessarily harder. Very easy to build with though and otherwise the black cables look nice.

Case Fan

Bought these after old case fans started dying after only 6 days. Work perfect.


I found it in a garage gathering dust. It's old enough to have a "designed for Windows Vista" sticker, but it's doing perfectly fine as my secondary monitor.


Really surprised with this monitor for such a cheap price, excellent 144Hz VA panel with 1ms response time and very vibrant colors. Don't expect to overclock it at all though - both mine and my friend's stop being stable beyond 145Hz.


Doesn't sync with my MSI Mystic Light, but otherwise great keyboard with nice built in effects. My first mechanical keyboard and the switch has not been difficult.


Had this mouse for years. It's a great mouse. 1 kHz polling rate ensures minimal input lag which is essential for competitive games. Note that the LED is limited to shades of blue only, however you can customize the shades as well as lighting effects.

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  • 1 month ago
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May i ask why you went with that card my friend? i know its a great gpu but im wondering if a red devil would have been just as good for half the price

  • 1 month ago
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I managed to get the 1080Ti for $400 new, and at that price point it crushes any other $400 competition.