This was my cousins school and game PC, a replacement for a PS4 which he sold for this and because his home PC was utter ****, build went well for the hardware part itself but the software side was a far more complicated with firstly the BIOS starting to bring up random errors on startups a simple BIOS update fixed the issue of showing that the GPU was not present, after this issue was fixed we had a broken monitor which we did not know was broken until we did some rigorous testing. Getting a new one the final part of the puzzle was that we discovered the GTX 960 in the build being able to ejected as being a removable drive, weird right, well a simple search that had cost us hours of troubleshooting before pointed out that it was in fact a bug for the latest Maxwell GPU's which caused this and was later patched out about the 18th of February 2016.

Anyway, the system runs quietly and plays any game at 1080p ultra pushing high frames and future upgrades would probably be an aftermarket cooler and or an i5/i7.

The hardware part went very smoothly but again the software part cost us but in the end me and my cousin were happy. Fast Boots to top it of.

Thank You for Your Time, and I hope you enjoy the cable management...


This 960 Galax Soc 2GB was a bargain for 271 dollars with shipping and what not and has a sick back plate and shroud stays cool and quiet and kills any game at 1080p except for the really demanding ones although it still manages 40+ frames 40 FPS being the minimum. Amazing power efficiency as well.

Update, November 2016, Purchased an i5 6500.

Part Reviews


For only 149 dollars this motherboard is a best with many features and already cooled VRM's for future safety and such, with 4 PCIe lanes and an abundance of SATA, USB 3.1 on the back four ports! and ambient LEDS's, for B150 this really is something.


Ram is Ram, looks good max speed rated for motherboard and XMP 2 support and low cas.


Thought it was fake initially due to the absurd weight of this, felt so light! Boots really fast and uses a different Micron to that ill fated V SSD Now Series. More than enough SSD storage for my client and a 4 second boot time is not to be missed.


Standard Platter Hard Drive, seems fast but I know some of these fail, lets hope it doesn't, the WD Cavier was not available at the time so lets hope it lives up to speed and reliability.


Build Quality is a little cheap for my liking (frame is really thin) but you get what you pay for and due to these reductions the features are excellent, just be careful not to scratch the case as its easy to do, the tinted window is really nice.

Power Supply

Have this in my current rig, its good but seems to coil whine at lot of GPU's should be used with GPU's under the R9 270X/GTX 960 as these GPU's are the max it can take and the coil is present here, you can oc them with this gpu but the coil whine will increase. It won't blow up with those GPU's and it lives up to the 80+ plus and efficiency levels but it can be annoying, fan is really quiet on the psu as well so that's a plus and not to mention the price 58 AUD! Bargain for a true 500W draw.

Wireless Network Adapter

Faster than I expected with full range while connected to a ****** router. No Ac support but how can you blame them for 19 AUD.


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Another great priced gamer. Each one looks like the insides get cleaner. Good job. +1

Was hoping to see the purple lights in this one like the first two builds, but can't have everything.

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Its getting red leds soon :D