I have a school project where I have to find something I am interested and present it in front of the whole school. I decided to do a PC Build since I love tech and since I am really interested in the subject. This is what I have built. I hope you like it! :)

PS: Really good build if you have a $1300 budget. (Could get a better SSD)

Part Reviews


Great CPU! Handles any game at 1080p with outstanding frame rates! Pairs with my RX 5700 XT perfectly!


Great Motherboard. Wish it had more USB2 headers.


Fast enough that I can download things at a reasonable speed. Get the Sabrent Rocket over this though. I got this because of my budget.

Video Card

What can I say. This is a beast of a graphics card and it also crushes anything at 1080p reaching anything from 150-200 FPS.


Kind of small, screws are small and hard to use to install everything, but its beautiful and I love it.

Power Supply

Comes with all of the right cables, and an extra 2 VGA cables for extra graphics cards.

Case Fan

Just a fan. Runs quiet. Works.

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how is the build now? and can it run 1440 in AAA games?

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I dont have a 1440p monitor, im rocking two 1080s at 144hz. It runs AAA games well over 200fps and I bet it will do the same with a 1440p monitor at about 150-160. Temps are great, after I built this, I picked up an aftermarket cooler because just playing minecraft got my cpu up to 70c.