NOTE: This $2000 build has several luxury addons. You can save $500 if you already have a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, or if you choose cheaper versions. I do recommend a wired keyboard and mouse however.

This machine is the center of my room. I use it for gaming, studying, social networking, work, etc.

I don't use a wireless card. If your router isn't near your computer, I recommend looking into a powerLine adapter so that you can still have ethernet. If you don't know what these are, Google it. My powerLine adapter was about $30.

As you may be able to tell, I installed shelving above my computer. My room is tiny and my desk is ancient and full of garbage. I needed some extra storage space. I got the shelving from lowes. I made sure to use a studfinder. Including the studfinder, drill, and level, I spent around $140. If you already have the tools, you will probably spend half that amount.

My build is mostly finished. I don't use a 4k monitor, I prefer a 144hz monitor for higher frame rates. Thus, I won't need to upgrade my graphics card for awhile. That said, a gtx 1070 or even 1080 would work with this build if you want to spend the extra money.

I'm currently looking into more decorations such as led lights and cable sleeves.

My case has three 5.25" bays. I only use one for a DVD drive. I'm looking into uses for the other 2 bays such as a card reader or a hot swap Bay.

  1. CPU - Intel i5 6600k - I chose this chip because it is a high end chip that won't totally break the bank. At $200-$250, it is a greal deal. Decided not to go in for the i7 because I don't really need it. I can always upgrade later.

  2. COOLER - Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - I don't have any issues with overheating my CPU. This is fine for now. After reading reviews, this performs just as well as a Corsair H60, so I might as well just save the $30. I can upgrade later.

  3. MOTHERBOARD - Asus Z170 Pro Gaming ATX LGA1151 - I chose this board over others mainly because I wanted an ATX board with plenty of room for addons. This is a great board - not the cheapest but great. It has an easy to use interface and was made for gamers. I am looking for a bigger board still, but don't plan on switching for awhile. My case and motherboard also have plenty of room for more hard drives and SSD drives. I haven't gotten that far yet.

  4. MEMORY - patriot wasn't my first choice. I wanted something fancier but it doesn't make much difference. The motherboard is compatible with more ram cards than most boards.

  5. STORAGE SSD - Samsung 850 EVO Series 500GB- You could probably get by with just 250GB. I mainly use it for Windows 10. I chose Samsung because of brand loyalty and haven't tried other brands, but I still say get Samsung if you can.

  6. STORAGE HDD - Western Digital Black Series 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM - the hard drive brand doesn't matter too much, but I have heard good things about western digital. The color series is how the drives are rated. Black is a higher rated card meaning it should last longer. 7200Rpm is what you should shoot for if not higher. 2TB is good for this monster build. You want enough space for all your games and media.

  7. VIDEO CARD - Here is where the tough decision making begins. While you may have an idea whether you want the 970, 980, 1070, or 1080, you may not have decided on a brand. I chose the 970 before the 1070/1080 came out. I don't use a 4k monitor or VR yet, but I do play 144fps, so I chose what I needed. I chose MSI because people rated it better than other cards, but that may not be the case with the new cards.

  8. CASE - this choice is the most important. You want a case that will last through all your upgrades, that is big enough for all your parts without being cramped, that is easy to use, and that will impress your friends. This case is expensive, but you will be glad that you chose it. Check out the youtube reviews for this case and decide for yourself.

  9. POWE SUPPLY - I chose the Corsair RMX 650w PSU. I originally bought one that was not modular and it was not working for me. A modular PSU doesn't have the cords built in. You plug them in only as needed, which allows for much better cable management. 650W is more than enough for my build, but you may need more or less depending on your build.

  10. MONITOR - I chose a 144hz monitor over a 4k monitor because the price is more reasonable and it is capable of displaying more frames. I only need a 24" monitor for my desk, but if you want to play on a big screen, you may need a better Graphics card. There are many other options to consider when choosing a monitor, but do your research before spending money on something you don't need.

  11. KEYBOARD - I chose a fancy keyboard with Cherry MX Browns. Browns are more versatile.

  12. MOUSE -Redragon Perdition - this is a programmable mouse. Highly customizable and cheap.

work in progress

Part Reviews


Such a great chip for a great price. Its so fast and now I'm spoiled.

CPU Cooler

I haven't had any problems with this. Some people say I should have a corsair h60 or similar, but others say that this works just as well. I actually think this works fine and don't feel any need to upgrade at this time.


This motherboard is great. Plenty of room for all my add-ons. There's a few small things I don't like - the i/o ports could have been made with better material. Also, i had some issues with the bios settings. Changing some settings crashed my computer when it shouldn't have. Overall, a great board.


Nothing to write home about. Not especially pretty. I want some LEDs or something. Other than that, I don't have any complaints.


I don't have much to compare it to- this is my first SSD drive. But what can I say, it gets the job done. I installed windows on it and it loads up in seconds.


No complaints other than the price. I didn't get a deal on this one, but that doesn't mean you cant.

Video Card

No complaints yet. Fallout 4, league of legends, and assassin's creed all look great on it.


I love love love this case. It has so much room and it is so pretty in the dark. I would also recommend the white case. This case is gigantic, but that is part of its charm.

Power Supply

I prefer a modular psu and this gives me more than enough power for everything I need.

Operating System

Better than Windows 8. Still - having some issues with the start button and Windows apps.


I got a deal on this at best buy. Its big enough- I can't imagine playing league of legends on a bigger screen. Great gaming monitor on a budget. Still waiting on the next gen of monitors though.


Great keyboard. Expensive, but great. I still don't know how to make my own customizations yet ha.


Very customizable mouse for a great price. Fits great in my hand and looks nice to boot.


Great speakers for the price. They don't really fit well with my setup... the subwoofer is on the floor by my feet which probably isn't the best place for it.

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I recommend a good cleaning and maybe a new desk.

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Yeah ;)

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I mean the build is nice but the area around it...the Arizona jug says it all.

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I'll take better pics once I clean up :P

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That a boy :P

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No way if I had $6000 I would get a mortgage