This is the first PC I've built in a very, very long time, having moved from Linux to Macs many years ago. My Fortnite playing kiddo has been campaigning for a PC for a while now, and I've secretly been looking for an excuse, so I finally specced out this build and stashed the parts to build it as a Christmas present.

The build process was pretty easy, just took a few hours for my newbie brain and clumsy fingers.

It's great fun to have access to my full Steam library once again. This PC so far is super capable as a Destiny 2 machine (higher FPS and broader field of view compared to Xbox is gorgeous) and is handling everything else we've done with it. A few specific notes:

  • I had originally specced a lower-end GPU and a PC friend recommended bumping up by $30-$40 to the 1660 Super, and I think that was a really good choice. This card feels like it does plenty for me.

  • The other place I splurged was the monitor. This Asus ROG is really nice; I saved a bunch on it in a Black Friday sale. I justified it in part by telling myself I can use it as a monitor for my MacBook when I'm working at home, which another PC friend thinks is a special kind of rationalization that he's going to try out, too.

  • Final minor splurge: The Ducky One 2 Mini is a lot of fun and feels great to type on. My kiddo picked it out because the Youtubers like it, and if I were to change anything it would be to get a 65% instead of the 60%; I would like to have arrow keys and dedicated backtick & tilde key for coding and work in shells.

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Those Fractal Design Meshify C's are really nice cases. Good airflow & easy to build in. Nice build for you & the kiddo.