the annual just for fun ultra budget machine. great for gaming, streaming and productivity tasks!

plenty of CPU for all tasks, the 1600 comes with the better copper-core wraith spire and it overclocks nicely on the B450M open box motherboard.

our AEGIS 3000 RAM sits at 2866MT/s CL16 which is just fine

the inland 120GB boot SSD is plenty fast for the main OS drive and the 1TB bulk drive (second hand) is plenty for most casual gaming and streaming storage.

the RX 570 over 2 years later is STILL the budget gaming king. 1080P is a breeze, 1440P in vulcan titles or with lower detail is also possible. similar performance to a 1650/1650 super at 60% of the cost new. I went with a used GPU to save a ton of coin.

Cougar's MX330 chassis. what a find! open box on amazon at $42. tempered glass, nice build and at least a bundled fan. nice to work in, cable management is a breeze.

Cougar's non modular 80 plus white 650W PSU is compact, quiet and powerful. at $38, this is a no brainer for me. you can save some coin here on used, or cheaper, but for a new PSU, this can't be beat.

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